22 March 2015

My Little Super Box | March & Lush Review

It has taken me ages to pick up the motivation to write a review on this months Little Box. 

When you sign up to monthly subscription it is luck of the draw and you take a chance that you will get something worth the money you paid. Up to now I haven't been disappointed but this month the theme is just not my cup of tea. 

It is all about super powers we should have as women and how we can do anything we set our mind to. Maybe I am missing the point, it is meant to be motivational and empowering for women but does it have to be in a cartoon theme?

There is also less products this month and I think its is down to the T-shirt that according to the cards inside is worth £29....hmm

What's inside?
Gat Timon T-shirt - I believe I can fly (one size but I would say its a 12/14)
Own Brand - Lips & cheeks stick in coral
Kerastase - Lait Cristal hair conditioner
Garnier - Miracle Sleeping cream
Super hero stickers 
My Little World magazine
Missing* - one of my favourite bits usually - Inspiring image to pin on your board 

The quality of the beauty products inside do not usually disappoint so I will let you know in my March favourites if any of them are winners. 

Just as we are on the theme of cartoons, I had another product like this to try this week. From Lush - Fizzbanger bath bomb. 

Really refreshing scent citrus with a hint of cinnamon and popping candy. It was all very snap crackle and pop. 

The volume of colours looked great when it was dissolving yellows and blues before it turned the bath water totally electric green. There was even a note on some paper floating in the bath that said 'BANG' afterwards.

If you are looking for a relaxing but refreshing wakeup call this is definitely one for you.

Love Miss K xx
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15 March 2015

Miss K's February favourites!

It is easy to overlook your daily makeup as a favourite... there is a reason they are in my makeup bag! 

Yes it really is as electric pink as it looks in the picture above. 
This has to be one of the best blush I have ever owned. It provides you with a bespoke colour to your cheeks as it reacts with the moisture in your skin. When applied the colour develops to suit an individuals complexion, the colour is perfect and adds a little bit of something plus it seems to last all day. 

This started off as something I only used in summer, now I use it all the time. Once I have applied all my makeup, if I am using bronzer I always use a spot of sunbeam on the tops of my cheeks to finish off my look. 

Rediscovery, I forgot I bought this before Christmas and this is a perfect alternative to my other daily favourite 'Shy Girl'. This lipstick is very moisturising, a beautiful colour coral and is great for every day wear if you are going for a bronzed look. 

If I was going for english rose complexion with no bronzer, I would be selecting 'Creme Cup' instead.

One of my first blog posts featured this beautiful eye shadow palette, and as we all do, we like to keep the expensive make up for best. Well those days are gone for me. 

I have a draw full and I refuse to buy anymore until I have at least made a dent in my investments. This eyeshadow palette is gorgeous, the packaging is luxurious. It has great staying power, plus the consistency and colours are totally me. I layer them up depending on the occasion but usually I go light to dark and miss out the grey.

I have tried other foundations but I always come back to double wear. I apply after my Liz Earle moisturiser in the morning, then I finish with translucent powder and I am good to go all day. 

It works well with my other make up and I have found the perfect shade for my colouring. If you are looking for a long wear foundation that isn't out of budget, look no further.

I haven't had this bag for every long but it is already one of my favourite bags of all time. It was a present from Mr P for my birthday at the end of February. 

It is a beautiful oxblood colour with my initials in gold on the front. It is a classic, but it is very structured compared to my usual to so it will take some getting used to. I don't think it is going to be an everyday bag but for smart casual when I need to carry more than a few bits it will my staple. 

Stay tuned for a 'what's in my bag' once I am in a routine.

Carluccio Chocolate Brownie -  A random favourite food but this tastes like nothing I have had before. After not having any room for dessert on the birthday night out, we all left the restaurant with a chocolate brownie in our clutch bags for later... I ended up halving it with Mr P in the end but for such an affordable price, if you are looking for a sweet treat, take away dessert is the way forward.

Lush Dream time melt - Mentioned in my previous post, if you haven't tried Dreamtime you need to! I've just been to stock up on Friday.

Fleur De Force - Glam guide book
Randomly the content of this book reminds me of the Victoria Beckham book from years ago (2007 'extra half an inch') but has obviously has fast forwarded to 2015. 

I love Fleur De Force I find her to be one of the only you tubers that hasn't really changed too much over the years. She still does the same videos and isn't part of the main stream UK you tubers which seem to be raking in 5 million subscribers.

She is the kind of person you wish you could phone for a chat but all her advice wrapped up into a beautiful book. I LOVE the illustrations by @sally_faye Instagram / Web and it is written in a way you can pick it up anytime read the topic you want and come back to the rest later. I have tried out a couple of the hair styles and trying to implement some of the lifestyle tips Fleur has suggested. 

Favourite blogger - 
I am loving @TheLauraCarlson instagram / Laura etc blog who I discovered through my favourite @buynowbloglater who is also based out in Dubai. 
Laura often posts her outfits on her instagram in the morning before she heads out to work then you get beauty top tips on her blog. Check out Laura!

OOTD post
OOTD post
Thats all my February favourites! Feel like there was loads this month. 

Love Miss K xx
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9 March 2015

Lush Review - Big Blue, Avobath & Dreamtime melt update!

As a birthday present to myself I stocked up on a few Lush bath products but I also got a couple as gifts from friends too :-)

I tried some new ones out over the last 2 weeks but only one I would re purchase. The reviews are only my point of view so you may wish to try them out yourself.

Big Blue

I had high hopes for the 'Big Blue' bath bomb after the promise of 'feeling like a mermaid' was mentioned in store. I loved the scent of the bomb and the amazing sea blue bath water.... but the unexpected surprise of seaweed once it had totally disolved put me off getting in the bath at first.

Nothing changed once I was in, I really did feel like I was at the beach. The only thing missing was sand.

I only lasted 15 minutes, I couldn't relax with the bits floating around me. So not really value for money, as a Lush bath for me would normally be for at least double that.

Next up is one my bestie Mrs C bought me for my birthday, the 'Avobath'. 

With citrus flavours and bright green water, I was in my element. 

I popped this in my bath early morning for a refreshing burst of energy first thing.


I will be repurchasing for another time when I need a boost in the morning, it's like Berocca for the bath. 

I am more than sure I have told you about my allllllll time favourite bath melt, 'Dream Time' before.... but if you missed it or I am losing my marbles YOU have to purchase this next time you are near lush.

Dream Time is so nice just before bed if you really need to wind down, relax and be feeling all hot and cosy ready for jumping straight into bed once you are ready.

Dream Time Melt

I had a major headache when I purchased 'Dream Time' a few weeks ago. The girl behind the counter in the Metro Centre, Gateshead said this will cure your headache. I said I hope so.... 

She says it will... before you pop it in your bath, massage the bar on your temples and across your forehead. Then once you get in the bath give your head a gentle rub with the melt already on your skin and relax.

It was so nice, and I can really recommend it if you have a headache or really want to relax a little bit extra after a bad day. 

I am heading back to Lush this week to stock up!

What is your favourite Lush product?

Love Miss K xx
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7 March 2015

Miss K's Kitchen - Caprese salad with a twist

Salads are great throughout the year and this is a dish I often eat on its own or a small portion on the side of some ricotta and spinach ravioli. 

I first had the yummy tomato and red onion salad at Carluccios, at the time I did think it was a funny side to order but it goes so well together. 

But another lovely italian salad is the traditional caprese which is based on the italian flag, tomato, mozzarella and basil. 

For summer BBQs I serve my caprese salad on cocktail sticks

So why have one or the other if you can combine the two?

The bread to make it into bruschetta is optional, but here is what you need to make this version of my salad.

Ingredients - 
Mozzarella Ball (0.5 cm slices)
Beef Tomato (0.5cm slices)
Red onion (very thinly sliced)
Basil leaf 
Olive oil
mixed herbs
salt & pepper

How -
Prepare all your ingredients
Find your prettiest plate in your cupboard and get ready to layer up
Layer alternate slices of the tomato and mozzarella around the plate
Sprinkle your red onion all over the tomato and mozzarella 
Drizzle olive oil lightly over the ingredients, follow up with a sprinkle of mixed herbs, salt & pepper

Bread (optional) - 
Slice a french stick into slices (you decide size)
Grill each side to make into toast
Scrap the slices of toast with a clove of garlic
Drizzle with olive oil then place back under the grill for 30 seconds

Nice display for a starter or side dish with green pesto

lovely presentation example, optional to use balsamic vinegar if you wish

I will be sharing a few more of my favourite salads on the run up to summer. 

Let me know your favourite!

Miss K xx
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5 March 2015

Beauty Review - NEW lipsticks!

New makeup!! Woop! I am still relatively new to lipsticks, I have always been more of a lipgloss kinda gal, but now I just love how a lipstick can really add something to your outfit. 

I got some new lip products for my birthday from some lovely friends so I thought I could give you a quick review as they are new and I have been trying them out since Friday.

I have 2 from Mac and 1 from benefit and they are all so ME!

L-R MAC Flamingo, MAC Please me, Benefit - Posie Balm
Starting from the left with Flamingo (lustre) for me this is a hybrid I think between lipstick and lipgloss which makes it suitable for any occasion and a go to for everyday wear. Plus if its a day where I just want to add a bit of something but I don't want to stand out in a crowd this fits the bill.

When you look at the lipstick in the case you think its going to be a bright but I can confirm it just gives a hint of coral with a beautiful sheen. So nice!

Wearing MAC Flamingo
MAC Flamingo - expected strong but its so wearable

I can't wait to tell you about this next one, Please Me (matte) is a gorgeous strong pink which is not too bright but with the matte finish when applied means it has more staying power than the Flamingo.

The consistency reminds me of the Charlotte Tilbury Revolution collection as they instantly provide a pop of colour to your face.  

It can totally be worn for day or evening as it is not too bright. Lovely feel when applied and confirms I need to build up my collection of matte lipsticks. My favourites to date are Creme Cup and Shy girl but I think these 2 new lipsticks are hot on their heels to take over.

Source - Bec Boop
My last new lip item I have to tell you about is the Benefit posie balm, I didn't even know these existed until my friend surprised me. I really love all of benefit tint's, posie and cha cha are my faves.

I haven't got a picture of me wearing this yet, but I can recommend this product if you are looking for something that is easy to wear, moisturising and provides a hint of colour. 

It does remind me of the same consistency of Maybelline baby lips but obviously much more glam and chic packaging so you can tell it is of a higher quality.

I will be building on my lipstick collection as I am craving a new purchase from Charlotte Tilbury shortly so I will update you when I can get to the Leeds concession in Harvey Nichols.

Love Miss K xx
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1 March 2015

Finding the perfect party dress...! ASOS saves the day!

I am one day late posting to my usual... I have a good excuse! I have been busy celebrating my birthday!

The topic of todays blog comes from a conversation I had with my girlie pals when we went out yesterday. Celebrating my birthday these days is much more fun and a much different story to how it used to be. 

2 years ago the thought of going out and celebrating a birthday brought panic, looking for excuses not to leave the house and feeling quite emotional. Not because I was turning a year older but because I wouldn't be able to find anything to wear or want to be seen out. Being a plus size meant I was usually limited of choice and the clothes were always quite dark. 

My friends now confess to me that they knew how I was feeling but they wanted to celebrate with me (thanks ladies).

Now I am a smaller dress size there is more options to choose from but I still spent a few weeks looking for the perfect outfit, but not because I didn't want to go, but because I want to look and feel happy on my birthday.

ASOS always saves the day! 

Last year I got a lovely black and white dress for my birthday party. This year I found a beautiful bright blue dress with beautiful embroidery detail in all my favourite colours - 

Sorry... this dress is already sold out. But I am sure there will be something similar coming along soon. Thats the good thing about Asos, if it's a success they usually repeat in a different colour way. 

The shape of the dress is perfect for me, as it compliments my shape, its not too short and the burst of colour makes me smile. I chose to wear the red lipstick too :-)

Wearing Charlotte Tilbury - So Marilyn Lipstick

Sold out  - ASOS 50% off

My friends and I headed to Newcastle yesterday for an afternoon out. First of all we had happy hour cocktails at Las Iguana's then a late lunch at Carluccios.  The food was delicious, it has always been one of my favourites. I have linked below what I ordered.

After food we went to a new champagne bar called Glass House then we ended our night in Tokyo. 

Double birthday celebrations with Miss S
Carluccio's 'Grissini' 
Carluccios - Penne Giardiniera
Oooh I nearly forgot....a little surprise arrived in a huge box before I went out from one of my lovely friends Miss AJ. We haven't known each other very long but we have very similar wardrobes, even things we have had for years. Fashion twinnies! 

You don't have to see a friend everyday to make them special. Thanks Miss AJ!

Miss K xx
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