2 February 2015

Kiko cosmetics haul

It has been a few weeks since I posted on my instagram my new makeup from Kiko. I was super impressed with the store (Leeds) when I first visited around boxing day. How had I missed this before?

My friends had been showing my their collection of lipsticks and mascara's when I met with them for christmas drinks so I knew if they liked it so would I.

I have been trying out my new makeup so now I can tell you what I think.

I picked up a bronzer and highlighter duo 'Golden game', basically trying it out before I make the plunge for the Charlotte Tilbury version (£49 Filmstar Bronze & Glow) but I am pretty happy with this. 

It took me a couple of days not to come out looking too orange but it's a great sculpting tool and really lasts on my skin for only £7! I am not sure if this is still in stock as I am unable to find it online. 

I picked up two lipsticks (both £6.90) which I have to be honest I didn't go out of my comfort zone and I just went for my usual pink's which I know I will wear anytime. The design of the casing is something I would expect from a luxury cosmetic brand and I do love the Kiko branding on the actual lipstick. All these extras really do make a difference.

Rose Gold case - Velvet mat lipstick 602 'Natural Rose'
Silver case - Luscious lipstick 502 'Pink'

The velvet lipstick is more lasting than the luscious so when I go back to the store I will try out another Velvet finish first.

Want to try out Kiko for yourself and don't have a store near you?

What is your favourite Kiko product?

Love Miss K xx
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