17 February 2015

Miss K's January favourites!

I never usually struggle to share my monthly favourites but I don't think I was loving anything new in January so I will keep this short and sweet!

Co Lab extreme volume - Last month I told you about the Co Lab dry shampoo by Ruth Crilly ( A model recommends) well since then she has launched an extreme volume version. According to Ruth it is has more moisture to increase the volume when applied. I will be stocking up on this one, the other one was good but this one is fabulous!


Soap and Glory hand food - I don't know why I have included this, but I guess I have just been using it more than normal. It's the best and smells so good!

Soap & Glory 

Tanya Burr book #lovetanya
It is no secret that I admire Tanya Burr, she used to be the best blogger but she has lost a bit of sparkle. She doesn't do videos like she used to so it's always good to visit her archive and rewatch some of her older posts. 

This book takes me back to her old style and advice she used to give out. It is a book you can just pick up a read the odd page, it has recipes and space to personalise so you can contribute but I am not sure I will.

It's affordable and you can pick it up from amazon for around £7.

If you want some girlie advice and some pretty easy reading with nice photography then you might want to purchase this book.

Colouring in book... I really love helping my nephew colour in his racing cars and dinosaurs on a sunday afternoon. I find myself probably taking over more than I should, it's relaxing and I used to love drawing and colouring in at school and uni. I am just creative, it seems to run in my family. 

I found myself googling 'adult colouring book' now this could have been dangerous who knows what I was going to find in the results. Amazon had a full selection of adult colouring and doodle books. 

I liked the look of this one 'secret garden' and originally I wanted to use colouring pencils but it turned out to be alot of effort for not much of a result so I have switched to felt tips. So now when I want some quiet time without technology, you may find me colouring in. 

Pumpkin seeds to add into homemade soup
I have been trying out new ways to enjoy home made soups so I have tried to give up the bread and add some seeds or nuts as a finishing touch before serving.

Example - Source
Good Wife TV show
Yes! It's back, I have always watched this show I think its been on every January for the last 4 or 5 years. They killed off one of the main characters last season so I am not sure which direction its going to go in now.

I do love the main character, Alicia. She is a career woman, mother,wife (to Mr Big) and maybe soon a politician. 

Worth watching if you want some girl power in the work place.

More 4 - Thursdays
No favourite blogger this month, I thought the Tanya book will fill that gap. Have a good February, I am nearly a year older :-(

Love Miss K xx
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