23 February 2015

My Little Box - Frenchie | February

It's that time again... My Little box update. February is all about an inspirational lady 'Ines de la Fressange' who is from the same location as the little box itself - Paris, France.

Who is Ines? Well yes at first I did think the same. But she has been in the fashion world for over 30 years. In the 80's Ines was an inspiration and muse to Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. She is even referred to the 'ultimate Parisian lady.' 

Ines - Chanel FROW 
Wise words from Ines 

What's inside?
By Terry - eye pencil
Own Brand - complexion enhancer (glowing skin)
DHC - blotting paper
L'Oreal - super liner brow shaper
Pot of inspirational messages
Smartphone case - mine arrived in blue but it was also available in red
My Little World magazine
Inspiring image to pin on your board 

'Life is never what it seems - and that's the great thing about it.' 
- Ines de la Fressange

28 inspirational messages from Ines...
Smartphone case - Probably not something I would use everyday but its still cute.
Want to have more french style? I have been reading this book - I firstly downloaded a free sample from ibooks but I have since made a purchase and its so good. Common sense approach to fashion, it's not going to be to everyone's taste, try before you buy it.

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What have I learnt this month?
Stripes are now my best friend, confirmed I have always loved navy.. and now looks like I am now on the road to being Parisian from Yorkshire...

Being a little Parisian on Valentines day! 

Love Miss K xx
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21 February 2015

LOVE..Chroma Stationery!

I love stationery... but I love personalised stationery even more! EEEK!

I would go as far to say I collect notebooks and pens. It started when I worked at WHSmiths when I was a teenager.

When I saw Chroma popping up on my instagram feed after christmas I had to take a closer look, and I was right it was totally up my street!

Chroma was founded by another stationery lover (Gabi) who was on a quest for the perfect notebook at an affordable price.

I would expect personalised stationery to be quite costly as it is bespoke. Not Chroma... only £7.50 per book which is the same price as a mass produced book at paperchase. 

There is a choice of bound or spiral bound notebooks in a rainbow of colours. You can provide any length of text and font (gold or silver), just be clear in your order. The only additional cost is the postage.

Mine arrived within 3 days which was much quicker than I expected.

Leanne Marie.
I know this is just the beginning of my collection, I will start thinking of more reasons I need a new notebook now.

Happy Saturday!

Love Miss K xx
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17 February 2015

Miss K's January favourites!

I never usually struggle to share my monthly favourites but I don't think I was loving anything new in January so I will keep this short and sweet!

Co Lab extreme volume - Last month I told you about the Co Lab dry shampoo by Ruth Crilly ( A model recommends) well since then she has launched an extreme volume version. According to Ruth it is has more moisture to increase the volume when applied. I will be stocking up on this one, the other one was good but this one is fabulous!


Soap and Glory hand food - I don't know why I have included this, but I guess I have just been using it more than normal. It's the best and smells so good!

Soap & Glory 

Tanya Burr book #lovetanya
It is no secret that I admire Tanya Burr, she used to be the best blogger but she has lost a bit of sparkle. She doesn't do videos like she used to so it's always good to visit her archive and rewatch some of her older posts. 

This book takes me back to her old style and advice she used to give out. It is a book you can just pick up a read the odd page, it has recipes and space to personalise so you can contribute but I am not sure I will.

It's affordable and you can pick it up from amazon for around £7.

If you want some girlie advice and some pretty easy reading with nice photography then you might want to purchase this book.

Colouring in book... I really love helping my nephew colour in his racing cars and dinosaurs on a sunday afternoon. I find myself probably taking over more than I should, it's relaxing and I used to love drawing and colouring in at school and uni. I am just creative, it seems to run in my family. 

I found myself googling 'adult colouring book' now this could have been dangerous who knows what I was going to find in the results. Amazon had a full selection of adult colouring and doodle books. 

I liked the look of this one 'secret garden' and originally I wanted to use colouring pencils but it turned out to be alot of effort for not much of a result so I have switched to felt tips. So now when I want some quiet time without technology, you may find me colouring in. 

Pumpkin seeds to add into homemade soup
I have been trying out new ways to enjoy home made soups so I have tried to give up the bread and add some seeds or nuts as a finishing touch before serving.

Example - Source
Good Wife TV show
Yes! It's back, I have always watched this show I think its been on every January for the last 4 or 5 years. They killed off one of the main characters last season so I am not sure which direction its going to go in now.

I do love the main character, Alicia. She is a career woman, mother,wife (to Mr Big) and maybe soon a politician. 

Worth watching if you want some girl power in the work place.

More 4 - Thursdays
No favourite blogger this month, I thought the Tanya book will fill that gap. Have a good February, I am nearly a year older :-(

Love Miss K xx
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14 February 2015

Lets Bake! Valentines heart shaped scones with Fortnum & Mason Jam's

Anything goes on Valentines day as long as it is heart shaped! So I made some scones to hand out to friends to enjoy with a cuppa over the weekend.

To make a batch of <3 scones - I used the be-ro cookery book recipe
225 gBe-Ro Self Raising Flour
50 g margarine
25 g caster sugar
50 g currants/sultanas ( I like to soak mine in fruit juice before adding them in)
egg, beaten with sufficient milk to make 150 ml (¼ pint) 

How - 
Heat oven to 220ºC, 425ºF, Gas Mark 7 and grease a baking tray.
Mix flour, and salt, rub in margarine and stir in sugar and fruit.
Add egg mixture and milk reserving a little for brushing the tops.
Knead lightly on a floured surface and roll out to 1 cm (½ inch) in thickness and cut into 6.5 cm (2½ inch) rounds.
Re-roll the trimmings and cut more rounds.
Brush the tops with egg and milk and bake for about 10 minutes.

I served mine up with a selection of Jams from Fortnum & Mason at Heathrow T5. 

My mum is also into making all things heart shaped and made some delicious shortbread this week for her friends - yummy!

Hope you have a lovely Valentines weekend! Why not make something heart shaped today?

Love Miss K xx
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9 February 2015

Haul - Topshop sale & full price!

Yes.. i've been at the shops again. I just can't help myself when I see a bargain. I visited a lot of shops with my lovely friend Miss BW on Thursday evening. I wasn't expecting to find anything as we were both empty handed until our 5th shop... Topshop.

They still had stacks of sale in store so I headed straight to the rails and found a grey tshirt I have been searching for in my size for agessss and there it was waiting for me it was £22 now £12. The detail is beautiful so even though the material and style is pretty casual the beads and pearls really makes it special and more dressy.

I also picked up another I had been after for a while, an oversized scuba skirt when I saw it before Christmas it was £55 now only £7 (crazy!) I can't wait to wear this skirt! The material is really thick so it keeps it's shape and it has cute pink lining.

I also picked up a statement necklace while I was at the checkout, my friend Mrs W had told me about it just after christmas who knew I would love it so I was pleased they still have some in stock reduced from £30 to £8.

Weekend outfit with necklace
I love summer so I can start wearing my denim jackets again.... until now. I maybe late to the party but I found a borg / sheepskin lined denim jacket. LOVE! Yes it was a full price purchase but I know its something that I will have in my wardrobe for a few years yet. I have already had it on this weekend!


I think I need to scale back my purchases for the rest of February. I feel a wardrobe clear out coming up to make room for my new pieces!

With Valentines day coming up this weekend, I have a home baking treat coming up on my blog on Saturday for you to try.

Love Miss K xx
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7 February 2015

Saturday Brunch @Bills, Durham

Brunch is a great meal, late breakfast / early lunch is just the right time to keep you locked up until dinner time.

I haven't tried Bill's for breakfast before, so I was excited to see what was on the menu. I visited Bill's in Durham at 10.30am and I did book in advance but it didn't get busy until 11ish. If you turned up before 10.30 you would get a table no problem.

My friend Mrs C and I shared the bread basket of 2 slices of toast, 2 crispy croissants and 2 mini pain aux chocolat which was all lovely. They came with a selection of Bill's jams - Strawberry, Raspberry and Marmalade.

I enjoyed a slice of Paddington's favourite, Marmalade on toast :-)


Mrs C had Eggs Royal which was poached eggs and salmon, I asked for a review and she said 'Super yum' so I guess thats a success.

I had the Bill's granola, natural yogurt and fruit skewers with a side of honey. It looked good, tasted good and felt really fun to have fruit displayed like this. For the price £4.95 I do think this is a good price to eat breakfast in a nice atmosphere, Bill's Menu.

Brunch is the future!

We will be going somewhere different in a few weeks so look out for that one on my instagram.

Why not try brunch out this weekend?

Love Miss K xx
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2 February 2015

Kiko cosmetics haul

It has been a few weeks since I posted on my instagram my new makeup from Kiko. I was super impressed with the store (Leeds) when I first visited around boxing day. How had I missed this before?

My friends had been showing my their collection of lipsticks and mascara's when I met with them for christmas drinks so I knew if they liked it so would I.

I have been trying out my new makeup so now I can tell you what I think.

I picked up a bronzer and highlighter duo 'Golden game', basically trying it out before I make the plunge for the Charlotte Tilbury version (£49 Filmstar Bronze & Glow) but I am pretty happy with this. 

It took me a couple of days not to come out looking too orange but it's a great sculpting tool and really lasts on my skin for only £7! I am not sure if this is still in stock as I am unable to find it online. 

I picked up two lipsticks (both £6.90) which I have to be honest I didn't go out of my comfort zone and I just went for my usual pink's which I know I will wear anytime. The design of the casing is something I would expect from a luxury cosmetic brand and I do love the Kiko branding on the actual lipstick. All these extras really do make a difference.

Rose Gold case - Velvet mat lipstick 602 'Natural Rose'
Silver case - Luscious lipstick 502 'Pink'

The velvet lipstick is more lasting than the luscious so when I go back to the store I will try out another Velvet finish first.

Want to try out Kiko for yourself and don't have a store near you?

What is your favourite Kiko product?

Love Miss K xx
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