19 January 2015

My Little Box - Energy | January

Yey! January My Little Box has arrived! This month it's all about a new year and new bursts of Energy! Something I learnt when I first started dieting is that if you always do what you have always been doing nothing is going to change.

It is sometimes hard to see where you need to make a change and January has to be one the worst times to feel motivated. Dark mornings, the slump after an amazing 2 weeks of festive celebrations, and the thought of pay day being weeks away! 

All I want to do is splurge in the sales buying things I had my eye on while doing Christmas shopping. But instead I am trying hard to be good!

If I see no sunshine and its dark and gloomy all day, I am most likely to be in the worst mood EVER! It's like the sunshine makes me instantly smile and lightens my mood. So I need to get back into exercise to take it's place. 

January is a time to reflect on what you want for the year ahead, make some changes (not all at once) but set some goals. I used to be all about the new years resolutions but I never keep to them, so I was thinking I might try one each month instead to focus on one thing at a time.

This Energy Box is going to help me with my January goal.....fitness!

What's inside?
Nails Inc - Tate (Red Carpet inspired)
Own Brand - Energising spritz - fresh dewy skin!
Talika's Photo-Hydra Day - Hydrating moisturiser - can't wait to try!
Sports Bag
My Little World magazine
Inspiring image to pin on your board

Verdict - 
Red nails isn't something I would have expected in the box, maybe it should be something more fresh but not too summery... maybe a nude or mushroom tone. I have put my red nails away as they were a permanent fixture in December.

Looking forward to trying the 2 beauty products, I will keep you posted if they are any good and maybe need to purchase.

I needed a calendar, so I have already started to fill mine with events coming up!

The exercise bag, it's always handy to have a new bag, but I think I might keep it until the weather gets a bit better, if I don't end up using it my mum thinks it will make a good beach bag for my holidays.

Let me know what you thought of the box or what your resolutions are!

Happy Monday! It's not too late to start a fresh!

Love Miss K xx
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