5 January 2015

Miss K's December Favourites!

How is it January already?! After a lovely festive break, it's time to start a fresh and think about the year ahead and maybe make some resolutions. 

Let's wrap up 2014 with my December Favourites! 

After a few visits to my local cocktail bar last month (compulsory xmas drinks!) I have a new favourite - espresso martini. I have had it a couple of times before but it is now firmly my first choice when I go out now. 

I even bought the ingredients to make some homemade ones during the holidays for friends and family. 

How to make your own Espresso Martini - Inspired by Jamie Oliver
50ml Espresso or Vanilla flavoured Vodka
50ml Kahula
50ml Strong black coffee
Shake & serve with ice

What was your favourite seasonal drink?

With my favourite - espresso martini

Plump it up by VO5 - 
Hair Volume has really been an issue for me recently and I know its because I have long hair. I went to Boots to find something to try while my hair is wet compared to having to try and get this after its dry. 

This V05 spray has really been helping,  I section my hair off (my friend Miss S would be proud) then spray the wet hair before blow drying. It doesn't leave my hair feeling like it has product on and it has a nice scent. 

Benefit - 
I buy this pack of complexion mini's each year (£14.50 Boots) as they are so handy but I can usually only find them around Christmas time. I picked up the last one of this in my local branch but they are still available online. Sun Beam is my favourite as it really gives you a healthy shine to your cheeks summer or winter.

COLAB dry hair spray -
Only tried this out mid December for the first time and its really good so far, I mainly use it on the 2nd day after washing to give my hair a pick me up. I tried the London and Paris scents, they have more of a perfume fragrance compared to my usual Batiste tropical flavours, which is nice for a change. It also doesn't make my hair go white if I spray too close by accident.

Tangle Teezer
I have been looking for a new hair brush for ages as I do really get tangled hair and I do have one for when i am at home but I needed one to throw in my bag. My friend recommended trying a Tangle Teezer so I picked one up on a flight for £9 which was a bit of a saving compared to boots. It comes with a detachable tray so it is compact and easy to keep in the bottom of your bag without damaging the bristles.

£12.49 at Boots

Bloggers - 'Vlogmas' Tanya, Fleur & Lily Pebbles -
I usually pick out one blogger I am loving for the month, but I really enjoyed following the You Tubers 'vlogmas' where they post a new video daily about what they get up to in December. 

Lily Pebbles who was my November favourite, did vlogmas for the first time in 2014 and I feel like I got to know her much better and what she does in her spare time when she is not blogging.

January is going to be a quiet month but I do have lots of new items from Christmas which might end up being in my January favourites!

Love Miss K xx
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