10 January 2015

Lush Festive specials part 2

Better late than never here is part 2 of my Lush festive specials (pt1). I never need an excuse to have a relaxing bath but major regrets for not buying more than one melting snowman.

He looks sad but he made me so happy. When I first popped him in the bath instantly christmas had arrived in the bathroom! The room was filled with a fragrance of spice, cloves and orange then melted away into a lovely oil. Bye Bye Mr snowman until next year where I will be stocking up!

Already knew this was a favourite of mine from last year, but I forgot what the surprise was inside this gold parcel! Eeeeek! This one really is special.

Firstly there is green and blue water.

Then........once it has fully dissolved... beautiful gold stars arrived! I am sure these stars were larger last time!

What you can't see is that there is also a gold shimmer on the surface. I do think this bath ballistic is one of the most exciting bombs available but the scent not so memorable just citrus and quite fresh (dragons egg is pretty good too and available all year round).

Shame we have to wait 10 months until the next release of Lush Christmas specials but I will have to discover some new favourites in the meantime.

Love Miss K xx
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