12 January 2015

Capsule Wardobe FAIL!

At the beginning of September I decided to start a capsule wardrobe. I tried but after a 6 weeks I failed and had to add items back into my closet for more options.

I hate giving up on things and I don't want to put you off if you are thinking of trying this for Spring/Summer but this is my experience... maybe I just wasn't fully prepared.

Took less time to get ready as there was limited choices (Mr P was pleased with this).

All my capsule clothes were able to remain in ready to wear condition and were not crushed to bits.

My most worn outfit in September - French Connection Dress
Add a hat and it can look a little different 
Try to mix up outfits by swapping boots
Felt like I ended up wearing the same dress all the time (see pics).

I know this was the point but I felt so limited in choice and felt like I was looking same on weekends as I had more formal than casual clothes in my choices.

Very little patten as I selected more plain basics as they went with more items so I started to feel a bit boring and relied on necklaces everyday to make my outfit different.

Special one off items lost their sparkle due to regular wear.

One third of my capsule allocation was blazers or jackets.

I did lose the willpower to carry on with my limited wardrobe but.. it did make me think that it would be better to buy less frequently and really think about what I would wear an item with before purchasing in future. 

I proved to myself I could not shop for 6 weeks which was an achievement in itself as I am spontaneous shopper.

If I were to do this again I would need to prepare more for seasonal weather to make sure I had enough items to layer up if i needed to.

Have you tried the capsule wardrobe do you have any tips?

Love Miss K xx
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