31 January 2015

Winter coat update > Zara + Asos

OK, so it's end of January today and I am relying on my winter coat more than ever! 

Full on snow situation in all locations in the UK I have visited this week so I have been carrying round gloves, scarf and hat. Needing to wrap up warm is important but what also is important that it isn't just going to last 5 minutes because it's no longer in fashion. 

Every year I want a faux fur* coat and every year I am disappointed as I can't have one as they just don't suit me.... so I stock up on fur* accessories instead.

Then I discovered coats with fur* trims or hoods! Woop! Here are two additions to my wardrobe...

Zara Cape - Limited to wear with jeans or trousers and I know capes aren't for everyone. Mr P tells me he hates it. 
But that doesn't stop me....I am seriously in love this with 'coat'. 

The cape is black watch tartan wool with a dark green fur lined hood but of course sleeveless. I ended up picking up 2 light knit jumpers from Zara too in dark blue and dark green so it was less obvious.  

I picked this up in the January sales for £79 instead of £109. I think this is more than I would have paid for a cape usually but I love green I knew this coat was a keeper.

Zara - sold out online

Zara - sold out online
Asos Duffle coat - After loving my cape so much I wanted to wear it more and more. But I do like wearing skirts so I needed something similar, I picked up a green duffle coat in the sale at Asos £40 instead of £90.

Perfect addition to my wardrobe!

Asos Duffle Coat

Wrap up warm and let me know if you find anymore coats like this I need to add to my collection.

Love Miss K xx
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26 January 2015

Haul - End of January sale finds

Straight after Christmas there was very little bargains to have. Just little savings  so its nice to finally find some last minute finds before the sales come to an end.

Over the last week or so I have picked up a few items so thought I would share them with you.

Necklace - was £50 now £15

Navy is the new black in my wardrobe

F sparkle sweater was £65 now £15

Grey sweater with velvet sleeves was £45 now £13

I pinned this look last week on my 'fashion wardrobe' board on my Pinterest so I have had my eyes open for a similar cardigan.

Found!! At Topshop but not a massive saving was £48 now £35 but I think this is a really good price as the material is super cosy. I ended up getting a size 12 as it was quite oversized.

Gap + Marks & Spencers
Gap Bleached Denim shirt was £32 now £5! (Crazy prices with additional further 30% of sale prices)

Marks & Spencers cord skirt was £25 now £8

£265 of clothes for £91 thats a huge saving and I know I most likely wouldn't have bought these items if they weren't such great prices but I love all of them and they slot straight into my wardrobe.

I am currently shopping for a wedding outfit & birthday night out dress so I will keep you posted!

Have a good week!

Love Miss K xx
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24 January 2015

Will a book change your life?

There is something about a new book that fills me full of hope all the pretty pictures and top tips. I do have a huge collection of cookery books with some fabulous recipes (mostly Nigella's) which I love to use but I now need something fresh to read that is going to teach me some good habits and not to make amazing calorific cakes. 

Juicing, eating clean and vegetarian are all popular on instagram and bloglovin right now but all I am wanting is some guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through eating and exercise.

Here are 3 new books in my collection -
The Art of Eating Well - Hemsley + Hemsley
Recommended by a couple of friends, step sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley have started a food revolution through their blog. Their book is full of new recipes to try and have really opened my eyes to eating vegetables in a different way. 

Recently I tried courgetti for the first time and I have had it nearly every week since. I got a spiralizer cheap from amazon which is a giant pencil sharpener so it is easy to run a courgette through it to make ribbons, then I just pan fry them for a minute or so and serve with a tomato based veggie sauce.  

There are recipes for all meals in this book so I will keep you posted on what I make next.

Nourish - Amber Rose, Sadie Frost & Holly Davidson
This is a new concept book, 3 authors, 3 sections for Mind, Body & Soul.
Amber is the chef who shares some recipes for all meals that are well balanced and the essential for a healthy lifestyle.
Sadie talks tips on yoga, wellbeing and beauty and finally Holly who is more a life coach trying to build you a long term programme to maintain new habits.

I haven't tried any of the recipes yet but the photographs are beautiful within the book and its nicely written.

Entertaining - Camille Styles
I love to entertain for my family and friends. I always like to make sure everyone is having a lovely time if I am throwing a party or dinner. I got this beautiful book from Miss M for Christmas is definitely up my street. 

Camille is a blogger with effortless style. It's all about display and making the most of the event.This book even covers off how to set the table and is split into seasons. If you have an event coming up I can highly recommend this book.

Let me know what other books I should add to my collection.

Love Miss K xx
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19 January 2015

My Little Box - Energy | January

Yey! January My Little Box has arrived! This month it's all about a new year and new bursts of Energy! Something I learnt when I first started dieting is that if you always do what you have always been doing nothing is going to change.

It is sometimes hard to see where you need to make a change and January has to be one the worst times to feel motivated. Dark mornings, the slump after an amazing 2 weeks of festive celebrations, and the thought of pay day being weeks away! 

All I want to do is splurge in the sales buying things I had my eye on while doing Christmas shopping. But instead I am trying hard to be good!

If I see no sunshine and its dark and gloomy all day, I am most likely to be in the worst mood EVER! It's like the sunshine makes me instantly smile and lightens my mood. So I need to get back into exercise to take it's place. 

January is a time to reflect on what you want for the year ahead, make some changes (not all at once) but set some goals. I used to be all about the new years resolutions but I never keep to them, so I was thinking I might try one each month instead to focus on one thing at a time.

This Energy Box is going to help me with my January goal.....fitness!

What's inside?
Nails Inc - Tate (Red Carpet inspired)
Own Brand - Energising spritz - fresh dewy skin!
Talika's Photo-Hydra Day - Hydrating moisturiser - can't wait to try!
Sports Bag
My Little World magazine
Inspiring image to pin on your board

Verdict - 
Red nails isn't something I would have expected in the box, maybe it should be something more fresh but not too summery... maybe a nude or mushroom tone. I have put my red nails away as they were a permanent fixture in December.

Looking forward to trying the 2 beauty products, I will keep you posted if they are any good and maybe need to purchase.

I needed a calendar, so I have already started to fill mine with events coming up!

The exercise bag, it's always handy to have a new bag, but I think I might keep it until the weather gets a bit better, if I don't end up using it my mum thinks it will make a good beach bag for my holidays.

Let me know what you thought of the box or what your resolutions are!

Happy Monday! It's not too late to start a fresh!

Love Miss K xx
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17 January 2015

Dreaming of a Barbour jacket...

Popular with Kate Middleton
Weight loss goals can be anything from being a certain weight, lower blood pressure, feeling healthier or being able to fit back into some jeans you had 10 years ago. For me when you have been unable to wear clothes from the high street you have a pipe dream to wear a particular item of clothing.

When I lost 8 stone I was able to add something significant to my wardrobe. 

The Barbour jacket....they have a lot of history (even the Queen wears one) but the brand does come across more utility and purpose than catwalk fashion.

There is a Barbour factory in the north east and I have often visited over the last few years and come away empty handed as nothing fitted me (I was a size 24/26 up to May'13). 

The brand does sell some plus sizes in selected lines so I would skim the rails hoping to find a sample size or old season size 22 that I would squash myself into. I only found one once and it wasn't 'fashionable' and was a yucky sage green, I bought it anyway.

When I was able to buy a size 16 I took a trip to the Barbour shop and in celebration I ended up with a new season coat not a sale bargain...oops 

Every summer 'festival chic' includes Alexa Chung in her waxy jacket so this was something on my wish list..

The UK brand is even popular with fashionista Olivia Palermo -


Roll on 1 year since my first purchase - Step into my wardrobe....(I will make sure I take a picture for my instagram next time I wear them).

They don't look their best on a hanger but the detail on them are lovely and thats what I like most about them.

My latest purchase is actually my favourite -

Wax Beadnell in green (online)- Bought at the outlet for 50% off! So many pockets! This kept me warm this week when it was snowing.

Spring summer Beadnell in navy the lining isn't as thick but has pretty liberty print lining (similar).

Last but not least is my only full price but 1st purchase. I wore it everyday for 2 weeks because I was so happy with it. Ideal for any season as you can layer up and its classic style so doesn't date.

If you would like to know more about the Barbour factory, 2 of my favourite You Tubers Anna & Lily were invited to visit late last year - check out their vlogs.

Happy Saturday!

Love Miss K xx
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12 January 2015

Capsule Wardobe FAIL!

At the beginning of September I decided to start a capsule wardrobe. I tried but after a 6 weeks I failed and had to add items back into my closet for more options.

I hate giving up on things and I don't want to put you off if you are thinking of trying this for Spring/Summer but this is my experience... maybe I just wasn't fully prepared.

Took less time to get ready as there was limited choices (Mr P was pleased with this).

All my capsule clothes were able to remain in ready to wear condition and were not crushed to bits.

My most worn outfit in September - French Connection Dress
Add a hat and it can look a little different 
Try to mix up outfits by swapping boots
Felt like I ended up wearing the same dress all the time (see pics).

I know this was the point but I felt so limited in choice and felt like I was looking same on weekends as I had more formal than casual clothes in my choices.

Very little patten as I selected more plain basics as they went with more items so I started to feel a bit boring and relied on necklaces everyday to make my outfit different.

Special one off items lost their sparkle due to regular wear.

One third of my capsule allocation was blazers or jackets.

I did lose the willpower to carry on with my limited wardrobe but.. it did make me think that it would be better to buy less frequently and really think about what I would wear an item with before purchasing in future. 

I proved to myself I could not shop for 6 weeks which was an achievement in itself as I am spontaneous shopper.

If I were to do this again I would need to prepare more for seasonal weather to make sure I had enough items to layer up if i needed to.

Have you tried the capsule wardrobe do you have any tips?

Love Miss K xx
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3 January 2015

What is in my bag? (evening edition)

My love for Whistles is growing which also means my collection of bags, jewellery and clothing from there is too.

Whistles is not cheap but it is more available than it used to be. I used to work for Coast 10 years ago and we were never allowed any discount as part of our staff benefits on Whistles. It was always seen to be pretty exclusive which I wouldn't agree with so much today, however the prices still reflect a premium brand so I only really buy if on discount or on sale.

I have 4 bags from Whistles plus a couple of bracelets and some tops/sweaters in my wardrobe. 

Mr P got me this new Rivington Leather Clutch bag for Christmas and it is one of the largest clutch bags I have.  It is as big as a piece of A4 paper with a gold chain which is detachable, it is in a black crocodile print complete with the gold Whistles branding and the chunky gold zip.

No longer on Whistles but I found it on Asos

I took my bag out 2 nights in a row so I packed the essentials and some not so much. 

My new favourite perfume Black Opium from YSL. I am not very good at describing scents, so check out this review @buynowbloglater

New shade of lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury and a back up if I changed my mind half way through the night.

I do like to carry around a big purse  but sometimes you do need to downsize. I like to keep my LK Bennett purse which is made of super soft gold leather a few years old now but still a favourite.

You may spy something extra in my picture of my new bracelet from Monica Vinader which I also got for christmas from my parents. It is rose gold plating on a blush/gold mix thread with engraving. I really love these bracelets, I have 3 now and I wear them everyday. It is so nice to have some personalisation to your jewellery, its as if the people who gave them to me are always with me.

What do you think are evening bag essentials?

Love Miss K xx
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2 January 2015

My love for Charlotte Tilbury!

Blogger fail to start the new year... I have already written this post once and I don't know where it went to. But because my love for Charlotte Tilbury is genuine I won't find it hard to rewrite this.

Charlotte Tilbury is an established makeup artist, she has a huge following but only now has she released her first makeup collection and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the packaging and the products. I have been following Charlotte on Instagram so as soon as I saw these little Lipstick charms appear, I knew straight away they would end up on my Christmas list.

Charlotte's Instagram

Charlotte's Instagram
They are mini as they are advertised but the detail makes them so special, the fact you get to try out 3 of Charlotte's new Lipstick collection for the same price as 1 normal sized I think it's worth it (£23). The luxury ribbons and star engraving really do make them stand out from the crowd. 

They arrived in a small presentation box and I did have the tie the bow's myself as they wouldn't have fitted in the box other wise but this wasn't a massive chore and I know the bow's might not be to everyone's taste. But I am in Love! Yes.. with a lipstick.

Within the box you get 3 shades, So Marilyn, Bitch Perfect & Penelope Pink. I have tried out all 3 now and I think Penelope Pink is the most everyday shade for me, but Bitch Perfect is a beautiful nude and So Marilyn is a perfect Red which is what I wore out on New Year's Eve.

Miss K loves 'So Marilyn'

Give a woman the right make-up & she 
can conquer the world - Charlotte Tilbury

I had previously bought my bestie Miss B the original Charlotte Tilbury makeup bag last year which was white with red lipsticks all over it so when I saw this rose gold version that went on my list too. Mr P was definitely listening this year :-) 

I visited the new beautiful counter in Harvey Nichols, Leeds on the 27th Dec to buy another shade of lipstick recommended by my lovely friend Miss M. She had been telling me all about her makeup trial at Charlotte counter in Selfridges, London and when I saw her over Christmas her makeup looked amazing, so this is something I might want to try for a birthday treat! I got the 'Hebburn Honey' shade to try which is darker honey nude compared to Bitch perfect within the 3 pack.  

'Hebburn Honey'

Beautiful packaging

I am sure this is just the start of my collection, it's rare that you get a product that looks good and genuinely is a good. I have not been disappointed with any of these lipsticks and they have really good staying power. I am truly converted, I do have some Mac faves which will be sticking around but I will be building on my CT choices over the next few months.

Have you tried any Charlotte products yet?

As part of my new years resolutions, I am going to post up regularly on Monday's and Saturdays this is just a bonus as I couldn't wait until tomorrow to tell you about my lipsticks.

Love Miss K xx
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