7 December 2014

Miss K's November Favourites!

I have already been chased for my November favourites by my lovely friend Miss W, so I thought I better sit down to write and share them with you.

I have been trying out a few different shampoo's recently I just couldn't find one I liked. I want volume, nice fragrance and doesn't dry my hair out too much. I really needed some mini size toiletries for a plane journey and ended up trying out the soap & glory shampoo & conditioner! LOVED IT! Smells great both during washing and after blow dry. Great volume!! Plus my hair isn't greasy on the 2nd day (double win!).

Revlon Colorburst - 120 (hot pink)
Rediscovered this lipstick after finding it went really well with my French Connection dress that was in my capsule wardrobe (update on that coming up!)
I have never really been very confident to wear bright colours on my lips but it definitely feels like it now finishes off my outfit so I am going to try harder to choose some more colours I could wear.

Costa christmas drinks!
Food favourites this month are not very filling foods but they are yummy. Black Forest hot chocolate from Costa is back for the festive season! I have had a few but I think I need to cut back because they are a bit too naughty. Back on the flat white coffee's now.

Fruit corner 

Muller Corner - Apricot & Peach I haven't had one of these for a long time, I do enjoy eating yogurt for breakfast so I thought I would try one of these. This is 160 calories which is higher in calories than I would normally have so they are not a daily choice for breakfast :-(

I am new to Reece's pieces but my friend Terry has got me hooked! arghhh. If I buy a packet I keep them in a little box so I can have a few at a time then hide them for another day. Little amounts of nice things keeps you from over indulging too much.

Revenge is my favourite tv series this month. I have been looking for a new series to watch for a while and I did try watching this a couple of times but after watching 3 episodes back to back I am now addicted and on the 2nd season in only a few weeks. Love him or hate him, Nolan is my favourite character. 

Get ready with me - Party

Lily Pebbles is my favourite blogger of November and I am already really enjoying her vlogmas on her YouTube so far in December. Lily is a full time blogger and is always up to exciting things and has a really good flare to share her opinion. I follow Lily mostly for beauty and blogging tips as her relaxed fashion isn't really my style but she has expensive taste so we have that in common. Check out Lily!  

Tom Ford perfumes
Love Miss K xx
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