30 November 2014

Seagrill on 25, On the Palm, Dubai (Beach Clubs pt2)

After hearing alot about the Fairmont's newest beach club, Seagrill on 25 I made reservations before flying out to Dubai. But..I didn't need to when we got there it was only 1/4 occupied but it was such a beautiful location this just made it better. We visited on a sunday and paid 200dhs entry which included some refreshments and use of towels, beds etc.

Miss S and I caught a Taxi to the Fairmont Hotel (On the Palm) and to get to the beach clubs we went through the main entrance of the beautiful luxe hotel.  Surrounded by flowers and grand chandeliers, we felt a little underdressed in our beach outfits (even though we were highly fashionable). 

After walking down a few flights of stairs we reached the beach. 

WOW! Such an amazing view welcomed us.

We were given the choice of where we wanted to sit and then we were provided with towels and water, then a shot of lemon and mint pressed juice (instant yumminess) and a selection of fruit.

Refreshing shot of mint & lemon juice
Selection of melon & pineapple for a snack
Views of the palm
The beach club is an extension of a beautiful fish seagrill restaurant which unfortunately we didn't have time to sample but I would recommend this location for anyone who is looking for a relaxing day where it is quiet, amazing views and promises of amazing food. Over lunchtime the restaurant was very full so the word is definitely out. 

On a day when you didn't want to spend money on a beach club there is the public beaches but it isn't a luxury experience and the views aren't as good but if you are on a budget they are very clean and you can rent beds and parasols for low prices (less than £10).

If you haven't been to Dubai I can highly recommend it, it's so clean and it doesn't matter where you go the service is impeccable. There is something for all ages and tastes. You can have a great adventure even on minimal money if you want to and of course there are plenty of places to splurge too.

It has been 1 year since I went to Dubai and it has changed so much during that time, there are new buildings and even more under construction which will change the place again. Dubai Pearl (palm) and Crystal buildings (marina) which are sponsored by Swarovski crystal which I am sure will look amazing.

Let me know where your favourite spot is in Dubai and I will pop it on my to do list for next time.

I can't believe all my Dubai adventure posts have now come to an end. Thank you if you have been reading them. 

Love Miss K xx
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