10 November 2014

Miss K's October Favourites!

I am currently spending way too much time in airports, it's weekly at the moment. Depending on which airport you visit means you get various discounts on things you really need of course. 

Frequently visiting Newcastle & Southampton you can obtain 10% discount (internal UK flights), Heathrow 20% (get international discounts even if you are staying within UK), Manchester up to 20% but I was disappointed to find Dubai was 0% on makeup and fragrance and on some occasions was an increase compared to UK.

With this in mind, I can stock up on my winter must have's a little bit cheaper.

It has turned chilly in the last few weeks and this is the time when you have to give your lips and hands some extra attention. 

Hand food by Soap and glory (£2.50) is already a handbag staple of mine in the travel size and now so is my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip balm tin (£7.90 at the Airport). With 70 years of history it has now been labeled as a miracle product. If you haven't tried it on your lips before, now is the time, no chapped lips for me this winter!

Pistachio nuts (Plus....almonds & cashews)
My boyfriend has recently labelled me a squirrel. I have become obsessed with nuts and seeds as my preferred snack. Now I know nuts can be calorific but having a few mixed nuts in my handbag for hunger pangs is exactly what I am talking about. PLUS just discovered pistachio flavoured magnum (treat only!) = YUM!

Jo Malone wood sage & sea salt cologne
After a lot of hype about this new Jo Malone fragrance I wasn't sure if it was going to be for me, It's a bit of a strange combination. I usually buy the 30ml bottles so I can buy more frequently and do their fragrance combining. 

I try to purchase if I am in an airport rather than high street to get the slight discount. On first smell I really loved this fragrance so I purchased at Heathrow. Next time your passing JM why not pop in to take a closer look you may also be surprised how good this smells.

Victoria's Secret orange hoodie
No words are really needed... except 'Why have I bought another VS hoodie?' Well.. I didn't have one in this colour? haha
I have a few (7) of these and I only ever buy them discounted. There is always a sale rail in Pink so whenever I am passing I do go in for a look. I picked up this neon mango colour in the Dubai Mall for 100dhs which is approx £17. Thats not bad for something I know will last for ages and I know I will wear. They always wash really well, don't lose their colour and are handy to throw in your carry on when your away for a night or two plus some comfy fluffy socks!

Ray-Ban Clubmaster oversized - Orange flash lens 
OK, so I am loving orange right now, my nails are orange too (Shellac Dessert Poppy)! I first spied these beauties early summer on my friend Miss A's desk at work and I fell instantly in love. 'I need a pair of these!' as I upload straight to instagram. They are not a style I have tried from Ray Ban before but I love how they are oversized. I originally had the green flash lens aviators which I took on holiday in may but they just didn't seem to suit me as much as these do (well I think so).

They go with everything, I love the colour of the lens when I am wearing them plus the orange flash lens adds a bit of colour to every outfit. I shopped around and managed to find these for £79 with a discount code from eyewearbrands.com. What are your favourite sunglasses?

Favourite blogger - I covet Thee
saying goodbye to summer sandals
I really like reading Alix's blog, she is very similar to me, she is a keen follower of fashion and chilling out on a sunday night, but she also loves a slice of cake and a coffee! Thank you Alix for a blog I always look forward to reading even just to see what your wearing. Follow Alix on instagram she only has 59k already! Eeek!

Coffee & Cake
What have you been loving in autumn?

Love Miss K xx
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