2 November 2014

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo @Dubai Mall

Look at the face on this fella, isn't he cute?! The vast size of the fish tank within Dubai Mall blew me away when I first saw it last year, I never get bored of these guys. 

Miss S and I decided to go through the tunnel to take a closer look. We just paid the lowest price option of 80 AED (approx. £14) that gained us access next to the tank to walk through the glass tunnel then entry into the Underwater Zoo (which I had no idea was there on the 2nd floor of the mall). Other options included scuba diving into the tank (hmm no thanks) or going on a glass bottom boat to feed the fish!

Here are some pics from inside the tunnel, it did feel strange being so close to such big sharks, and I am more than sure they couldn't see me, but one did scare me at one point by showing me his teeth! Eeek!

Here I go....(Thanks Miss S for this piccy)

Just a couple of sharks...
More of my favourites, they were all individuals 
This one looked ghostly
Husband & wife?

Once we had come out of the tunnel, we then had to go 2 floors up in the mall to enter the underwater zoo... we hadn't really heard much about what was in there and it was full of surprises!

So sparkly

giant pacific octopus arrived in July 2014

Cat Fish

Pineapple fish
Inside the underwater zoo is a pair of crocodiles which have been living together for over 20 years. Referred to as King & Queen Croc. Flown in from Australia in the summer and they haven't been in the mall for very long. It states in this article that King Croc is one of the biggest saltwater crocodiles in the world.

King Croc is over 5 metres long, 750kg in weight and 35 or 40 years old (keep finding conflicting info). I couldn't believe the size of him! Apparently he is even set to grow larger in the next 50 years.
Queen Croc
King Croc
He decided to come up close to see everyone

King Croc's big feet

King Croc's big tale

Something to keep as a reminder!

I can definitely recommend taking the tour if you have a couple of hours spare while at Dubai Mall. It is suitable for all ages and I know it's something I would never get to see in the UK.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Love Miss K xx
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