31 October 2014

Review! STEAK @West14th, Dubai

Last friday night my friends and I went to a lovely restaurant called West 14th. Known as the 'Best Steakhouse and Grill in Dubai'. I do love steak but it isn't something I eat very often so I was really looking forward to it.

The staff in the restaurant were so welcoming and there is nothing better than having good service, yummy food plus amazing company. 

Attention to detail always adds a little bit of something when visiting somewhere new. At West 14th they had branded plates and wave shaped cutlery.

Once we had ordered we were all given the opportunity to choose our own steak knife from a selection in a box which increased in weight. Of course the man of the table chose the biggest and heaviest!

While we waited for our main course we had a fresh loaf of white herb bread to share which came with a saw as a bread knife! Once again Mr C came in handy to cut up the bread. I think I would have hacked it to bits....

I ordered the Black Angus Tenderloin 180g 'well done' mainly because I don't like blood or rare meat, but... it was super nice to me just the way I liked it. 

We all shared some creamed spinach plus I chose the hand cut fries to go with mine and the wild mushroom sauce.

Hand cut fries

There were a great selection of desserts on the menu but we were so full we didn't get to try them (next time!). Milk and cookies and S'mores were just some of the American options available.

Not only was the food delicious it also had an amazing view!

Miss K, Miss B & Miss S
Where do you like to go for yummy steak?

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Love Miss K xx
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