20 October 2014

Miss K's September Favourites!

Mint Tea is fast becoming my daily fix in the afternoons or evenings. I just love the little monkey attached to the tea bags too. The little things can make you smile.

Zoella spray & Makeup Bags
I am loving the detail on the new Zoella Beauty merchandise, which comes with guinea pigs wearing specs awww so cute! The prices are affordable and of good quality and I know I didn't need 2 new makeup bags but I couldn't choose and I am sure they will come in handy for my winter holidays coming up. I haven't tried any of the bath fizz's, body wash or creams yet but I do really love the sweet smell of the body spray so I will be trying them out next.

Make up bags £8 each available at Superdrug

Body Spray £8

Pumpkin Spiced Latte & Halloween Chocs
I hadn't tried the pumpkin spiced latte before this year mainly because there wasn't a Starbucks near me. After becoming obsessed with the summer special I couldn't shut up about (mocha coconut if you missed it) I thought why not give this a try. I just love it so much, its coffee with a spicy but sweet syrup and hot milk, then there is the optional (but naughty) whipped cream with cinnamon on top.

When I was on holiday in Greece earlier in the year, all cappuccinos come with cinnamon instead of chocolate. It's really nice, so if you don't fancy the pumpkin latte why not try swapping the chocolate next time on your usual.

More good things about this time of year is the tiny seasonal chocolates, I found these in my local shop which I think will come in handy for my nephew's trick or treat box.

Autumn boots
I am fully topped up on winter coats from last year's splurge but winter boots are something you do need to invest in yearly mostly due to the weather damaging them. I found these in my local Miss Selfridge with 20% discount. They are not too high and are comfy to wear for work or nights out. Plus I love the mix of soft leather and suede.

Hemsley + Hemsley
My favourite bloggers of this month are chef's Jasmine & Melissa Hemsley, their blog and new book have some great recipes which are free of gluten, high starch and refined sugar. I will be trying out a few recipes over the winter season which I will share with you on my blog tried and tested. My friend Miss A has already made some recommendations which I tried. You can also follow their Instagram @hemsleyhemsley

Baked Courgettes with ground almonds & beaten egg
I can't wait to try out some more courgette recipes like this - Quicker than toast

Find out about Jasmine & Melissa
Love Miss K xx
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