22 October 2014

Let's Bake! Gluten free Cheese Scones! #misskveggie

I just love savoury scones, as you will know by my love of courgette muffins recipe. I was recently catering for a buffet with some friends and one of my friend can only have gluten free so I decided to try out a usual full proof bero book recipe but swapping out the SR flour for Gluten free. 

What do you need?
175g Gluten free flour
1/2 tsp of English Mustard
25g Margarine
75g Red Leiester cheese (grated)
 1 egg (beaten)
2 tbsp Semi Skimmed milk
Pinch of salt & pepper

Mix all the ingredients reserving a small amount of egg and 25% of the cheese for topping.

Once all mixed,  sprinkle some flour on the surface then use rolling pin to roll out dough to 1cm thick. 

Cut out in the shape of your choice, I chose hearts on this occasion.

Place onto a grease proof paper within a large flat baking sheet and place the shapes not too close to each other.

Brush each shape with left over milk then sprinkle with left over cheese and bake for up to 15 mins until golden brown, then once cooked place on a wire tray to cool.

Love Miss K xx
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  1. I am def making these on sunday!!
    love nicola @ tias


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