28 September 2014

Friday night last minute outfit! EEK!

I wasn't planning on going out on Friday night... so with a last minute decision on my hands, what was I going to wear? 

Arrghhh with the pressure of having to go out for the next bus I picked out a couple of things but in the end I wore one of my favourite outfits which I know I would enjoy wearing.

I wore a Hobbs NW3 dress in navy blue with my favourite glitter collar plus Topshop 'All mine' boots and Mulberry Lily bag.

Found similar in dark red

Out with my friend Miss E on Friday
Here are a few other times I have enjoyed wearing this combo out, however there is another reason why I love wearing this collar so much. 

I bought it about 3 years ago from H&M I was going to wear it with a jumper...but that didn't happen mainly because it didn't fit round my neck. I started asking family members who I knew were quite handy with needle and thread if they could change the fastening to a bow instead of the hook. 

I then tried to give it away to a few friends but they said no you love it you should keep it, you never know. Little did I know that one day I would never have it off my neck. 

I didn't realise when I was bigger that I was carrying weight around my neck, it's not something you think of when you know you want to lose a few lbs. You look at the obvious things, tummy, legs, face. It's the little things that add up and really make you happy :-)

I wore the combo out when I went out with my mum in March
What outfit do you like wearing when you are going out with friends?

Love Miss K xx
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22 September 2014

Miss K's August Favourites!

Better late than never! This is the products and things I was loving in August!

Cinema - What IF 
Bit quirky but a typical predictable lovely story I really enjoyed. I love the illustrations used all the way through which made the film a quite unusual. It took me ages to figure out where the film was based as it looked a bit like New York then everyone seemed British.. then as the film went on I finally saw some landmarks and it turned out to be Toronto, Canada so pretty! Might have to get there for a visit one day!

Clinque Moisture Surge
Is your skin feeling a bit dull? Well..start with a Double cleanse with Liz Earle cleanse & Polish and finish with this miracle product. I discovered years ago and totally forgot how amazing it is. I ordered 2 mini tubs from ebay as I needed travel size and I now carry this with me at all times!

Mac eyeshadows
Inspired by Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand I started to look through my makeup bag I felt I already had most of the colours in the pallet and it would be better to just add to my collection instead. So I headed to the Mac counter to top up - 
I bought Amber Lights (gold metallic), Expensive Pink and Bronze frost.

Chinese Sweetcorn Soup!
I have tried so many times to make this soup myself and it just never tastes as it does in a chinese restaurant. I am going to try and find another good recipe, or if you have one please let me know!

Verdura Fritta - side dish @Carluccios
Mix of peppers, aubergine and courgette in a light crispy batter, so yummy as a treat to share with your main course. Now I have ditched starters and puddings its all about enjoying the main event.

Blogger and You Tuber - Gabby (Velvetgh0st)
Aww I just love Gabby, I think I have a soft spot for her as she is a Yorkshire girl but she has recently moved to Brighton to be closer to her fellow blogger Zoella. Zoe now has nearly 6 million followers so if Gabby can have a taste of that community I am sure she will do well.

She does wear her heart on her sleeve and from having a tough time at school and inspiring weight loss she really does deserve some happiness.

After reading comments on her videos she gets a lot of stick on her clothes (wears the same thing too often! Can you believe people complaining on a free you tube channel!?!!) Her glasses, and good for Gabby she says... err I need my glasses and I like them!
GO GABBY! She is one to watch (literally!)

Read Gabby's blog - Velvet Gh0st

Velvet Gh0st Video channel & Separate Vlog Channel - Planet Gab

Love Miss K xx

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9 September 2014

Blazer! Key item #misskautumncapsule

When building my capsule wardrobe I found the key item has to be a good selection of Blazer's.
What is in my Blazer collection?
Topshop Black with Navy Sleeves
Topshop Burgandy 
River Island Blue Tartan 
Zara Yellow
Zara Yellow Bomber
Miss Selfridge Orange/red
M&S Navy 

By investing into a good collection of Blazers means you have a good variety of mix and matching with the other items in your capsule wardrobe.

I try to keep some just for weekends so I look forward to wearing them and some will suit being off duty with jeans and casual skirts than formal items.

Zara Yellow 
M&S Navy
Zara Yellow Bomber
How many blazers do you have in your wardrobe?

Ooo I have also got a new hat (bought before 1st September! lol) to add a bit of something to my capsule wardrobe. Its not quite autumn just yet so I will probably have to wait to wear this out! Only £7 in the Topshop sale!

Love Miss K xx
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6 September 2014

Introducing Verity! My new Whistles Backpack

Meet Verity, my new backpack from Whistles.

I deliberated over this purchase for a few weeks after spotting it in the Whistles store in Leeds.  I haven't had a backpack since I was at school so I wasn't sure how much I would use it, plus are they cool?

After looking for a less expensive alternative, I gave up and bought Verity. 

Made of beautiful soft grey leather with a large loop handle (so can still use as a regular handbag) plus 2 adjustable straps. 

Super useful small zip pocket on the front hidden by a fold of leather with a magnet closing.

The main zip also folds over and fastens with another magnet. Inside is one zip up pocket to keep valuables. The lining is a lovely beige cotton which means you can see whats inside and its not a black hole. It helps all my accessories are pink! Total Winner!

I think it is going to need some getting used to as it is more effort to get your bag off your back to get your purse out but maybe I will buy less? haha

Inspired by the Cara Delevgine collection for Mulberry it looks like backpacks are here to stay. Blogger Tanya Burr was recently provided with a free Mulberry for a photoshoot and she has been sporting it everywhere she goes since and its worth £1600! Eeek! 100% jealous but even I can't justify that for a Mulberry.

Tanya's Instagram

Tanya's Blog 

Inside Tanya's Backpack

What do you think of backpacks? Do you have one?

Love Miss K xx
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