11 August 2014

Miss K's July Favourites!

How lovely was it in the UK in July?! We have been super lucky and it makes such a difference to see some sunshine! I think the weather plays a massive part on happiness and how you feel when you get out of bed on a morning. 

When it is summer it's really important to keep your skin soft and moisturised. My first favourite was launched quite a while ago and I never like to jump straight onto a trend especially when I don't really need it. However I found myself away from home and in need of some moisturiser, Tesco had the Vaseline Spray moisturiser on offer for 50% off so I thought I would give it a try...it's brilliant, so light and easy, just spray and go...not sure I will buy anything else now.

Summer Sandals from Office (sorry no longer online)

The essence of a good sandal is one that is comfortable, goes with a lot of outfits and does not hurt your feet! (I have high expectations from a shoe)
When I went to the hairdressers last I spotted my stylist wearing some cute sandals, I had to ask where she got them, Office
Hairdressers spend a lot of time on their feet and if they are comfy to her then they will be perfect for me! They are the best! They were a good price too £25.

I have been lusting over this Zara bomber jacket for quite a while, but I opted for the smarter yellow blazer as it seemed more wearable.. roll on 2 months and sale has started.. this jacket (if you can find it) now 50% off at £29.99 it is the best purchase ever! I just love wearing it. Cute with Jeans, over skater dresses and is very smart but... casual! 

I am currently spending a lot of my time in airports, and there always seems to be Costa. When you are not wanting to have a meal when your on your own it's always good to have a pick me up with your iced latte...so I sometimes treat myself with one of these heart jammy dodgers. So cute! I would never buy a packet of jammy dodgers but this as an occasional treat is good for me. So retro!

There is a love / hate going on with me and Starbucks at the moment. I am so in love with their summer drink 'Mocha Coconut'. Coconut syrup with a chocolate/coffee iced slush.. totally yummy! However, it is usually no where to be found. I visited 5 branches this week and I was only able to order it once :-(

I am not usually one to complain but Starbucks have created a monster, don't make me love your drink and then not let me order.

Reply from Starbucks is... its gone.. if there store has run out they are not getting it back in :-( Nooooooooooooo!!! Get it while you can! RUN! (if you do find it, ask them to leave off the choc sauce off the top.. it spoils it)

This month I have been loving another blogger 'What Olivia Did..' always the fashionista I always like to see what clothes she is wearing and how she spends her time. Blogging for 4 years now and this is where I was inspired to get a personalised Emma Bridgewater mug..Go and visit Olivia's blog you will love her too.

Emma Bridgewater post
Summer looks

London wardrobe
I am already finding things I love in August so I will look forward to sharing them with you next month.

Love Miss K xx
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  1. OMG I love the chocolate cream in Starbucks!!! They are definitely always a victim of their own success in there, they forever run out of the popular drinks. At Christmas the eggnog lattes run out and in the Autumn the Pumpkin spice lattes all go :(

    Loving your Zara bargain, I'm heading to the lovely big store in Leeds on Wednesday so hope I can find some great bargains too :)

    Chloe x

    1. Thanks Chloe! Looking forward to hearing what you bought in Leeds, will you be doing a Haul?


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