24 August 2014

Preparing for a Capsule Wardrobe - #misskautumncapsule

I can't believe I am going to be attempting this new lifestyle... but as a serial shopper I need to start thinking more carefully about my clothing choices and stop impulse buying so I can build the perfect wardrobe!

Perfect wardrobe 

It is getting colder already in England so it is time to start building my Autumn capsule as soon as possible. I have aligned which month I believe belongs to which season if I continue to do this for future seasons.

Autumn September - November 
Winter December - February
Spring March - May 
Summer June - August

If you are not in the UK you may want to change which month belongs to which season.

What is in a capsule wardrobe?

You can make up your own rules it's your wardrobe... but from doing some research it seems to be the following -  

Up to 40 items of clothing (There has to be a line somewhere, it could be less).

Break down your wardrobe into Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Shoes and Outerwear to start the process. Anything else is not included in the items.

No new purchases during the season except if an item is damaged and needs replaced. (This is probably the hardest part!)

Steps to get started!

I  have taken inspiration from Anna as she has recently done Wardrobe Week which included the first step...

1) EMPTY! Take it all out.. give it a good clean and start a fresh!

2) Place all your clothes into piles :-
Keep - This is part of next season and will be part of the 40 items
Get rid - What on earth is that doing in here? Ditch it (charity bag)!
Seasonal - Love it but not for next season
Wish - Doesn't fit, want it to and save for later

3) Start to go through what is in the keep pile and which season it would be most relevant to.

4) Select your 40 items. I am going to do a further split  - Work & Weekends

5) Start to build outfits with the 40 items and have a last check they are what you are going to be happy with for the next 3 months.

6) If you are going on holiday mid season this is not included in the capsule wardrobe collection (phew!)

I now have just over a week to get all these steps sorted and start building my wardrobe... I will keep you posted and I will start a hashtag on my Instagram and show you some outfits during the season maybe with a monthly roundup of which outfits worked best. #misskautumncapsule

Disclaimer - If you are dieting like I am chances are sometimes your clothes get too big and you need to get a smaller size. If I need to do this I will trade for an item similar i.e. black skirt for black skirt or trousers for trousers. 

Eeek! I best get started! Who is joining me? 

Love Miss K xx
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16 August 2014

Afternoon Tea Week! Harvey Nichols, Leeds

I never need excuse to go for afternoon tea but seen as its Afternoon Tea week 11-17th August of course I made arrangements... 

Ready for a girlie day out
My mum and I headed out for a day of shopping followed by Afternoon Tea at Harvey Nichols, Leeds. I had been previously but it was totally different this time, it was more traditional. 

It is Art Deco themed in the 4th Floor Cafe in HN, and the service is always of a very high standard. Afternoon Tea arrived on a white plate two tier stand with finger sandwiches, fruit scone and a mini desserts. Yummy!

HV - Leeds

Pouring my Yorkshire tea :-) 

Mum decided to go for a cappuccino in a beautiful cup by Kiki Smith.

Yummy finger sandwiches - Ham & tomato relish, Salmon & cream cheese (for mum, I had cheese & pickle) and Egg mayonnaise.

Delicious fruit scone which we had with HV Blackcurrant Jam & clotted cream.

Vanilla mini meringue with pistachio cream - probably one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted! 

White chocolate & raspberry panna cotta 

We didn't make it to the end but it was a very colourful gateaux which had layers of passionfruit, raspberry and blackberry creams.. bit too much but looked very beautiful!

OOTD - Zara Yellow bomber jacket, French Connection Solar Dress, Mulberry Bryn, Miss Selfridge necklace & Topshop necklace

HAUL! - I will save this for next week.

Have a great weekend! Still 2 days of Afternoon Tea week to go.. Let me know where you go!

Love Miss K xx
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15 August 2014

New Olivia Burton Rose Gold Watch!

I went through a phase where I never wore a watch, I was always somewhere near a clock that I didn't need to wear one.

However, roll forward a couple of a years, I LOVE watches!

I have a new one in my collection for weekends and I am totally in love!

Helloo... Olivia Burton!

Two fashionista's from London - Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings.
Both used to be fashion buyers for big retailers they decided to create a brand as they couldn't find a watch to their style... OB was born.

I went for the Big Dial with Rose gold face and brown leather strap... It did take me ages to decide as they are all beautiful. They do a lovely one with a grey strap but it only comes with a gold face and I really wanted rose gold. Maybe next time.....

I am already arranging outfits in my head as to what will look cute with my watch, but really it will go with most outfits.

As I say, I have a few watches already but your taste changes and they are costly so they are worth holding onto there is a reason you bought them in the first place. Here are a few pics...

Marc Jacobs - Baker Watch  
I wear this everyday, I always get compliments. I first spied it on Blogger 'Hello October'. My boyfriend bought it for me for my birthday, the leather is so soft.

Large face Toy Watch - Pearl Chrono face - Ebay bargain £40. More a weekend casual watch but its lovely and really feels special when I wear it.

Small face Toy Watch - Rose Gold - TKMaxx bargain £80 a few christmas' ago. TKmaxx sometime sell Toy Watches so its good to have a look in there during Christmas season.

MAXAZRIA BCBG - emerald green ribbon £10!! It had run out of battery and John Lewis had it in their clearance. Its more for evening occasions but its a lovely colour.

How many watches do you have? Does a watch make an outfit?

Love Miss K xx
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2 August 2014

Mine's a holiday!

Within my group of friends, if they are going to the bar and they ask me what I am having I just say 'I will have a holiday' and they know what I mean! You are now wondering is it a cocktail like a Woo Woo or Pina Colada? or is it Vodka & Pineapple juice? Nope.... its Malibu & Lemonade!

My friend recently surprised me with an invention I wasn't even aware of my favourite combo in a can! How amazing is this.. and they also do others I am going to try then pineapple next.

Malibu & Lemonade in a can!

I love everything to do with Pineapple, Coconut, Mango, Passionfruit, Lemon & Lime. High flavour which isn't too naughty. Plus every sip reminds you of holidays and lounging on the beach.

Drinking a coconut in Dubai
I am dying to try a recipe shown in Women's Health this month for a non alcoholic Pina Colada made with new Alpro Soya Coconut.

Alpro Soya Coconut - Pina Colada

  • Ingredients

  • 150ml Alpro Coconut Original drink
  • 90g fresh pineapple, peeled and chopped
  • Squeeze of lime or 10ml of lime juice
  • Sprig of mint
Pour the Alpro Coconut Original into a blender then add the fresh pineapple and lime juice. Blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and serve.

I found this on Monday in boots - sooooo nice!

I am heading to supermarket now to get my ingredients for the pina colada with Alpro Coconut to try out tomorrow.  I will let you know how it goes.

Happy Saturday!

Love Miss K xx
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1 August 2014

Review! Tapas - Koh Thai

When away from home with work you don't really know the 'cool' places to go so its lovely when you get a recommendation or even better when you get invited to go with a 'local'. When Miss AJ suggested a date to Koh Thai I was really looking forward to it. I love Thai especially Satay Chicken! 

There was a great vibe in the Tapas Bar even when we turned up before 7pm, which makes me think this place is popular. The restaurant is filled with lovely decorations, lanterns and the detail on the seating adds something really special. The menu is all Tapas so either choose 2-3 dishes each or choose no more than 6 to share between 2. 

The chicken satay was lovely, 2 crispy chicken skewers each with beautiful peanut sauce! Yummy!

I can really recommend the chicken pad thai with optional peanuts, portion was bigger than expected so didn't manage to eat it all but it tasted just as nice as Wagamama.

We also tried the Vegetable spring rolls and thai fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce, we did have major regrets when we spied a fellow diner having Vegetable Tempura (next time!). As you can see we couldn't manage to finish it all so maybe next time we might have to starve ourselves for a few days before we go.

What is your favourite Thai dish?

Have a good weekend!
Miss K xx
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