19 July 2014

Review! Brunch @ The Beach House

Weekends are perfect days to merge two meals together, late morning 'brunch'. I have shared this favourite meal time with you a few months ago when I had the most amazing french toast...

Yesterday (Friday) I was off work due to a bereavement of my dear Grandad who lived a long 91 years before he was taken away last week. We celebrated his life in a remembrance service instead of a usual funeral, where my Dad and his brother conducted the ceremony themselves in front of friends and family of my Grandad. I am sure Grandad would have loved brunch!

Sorry I went off track there, basically due to having to travel a distance to be with family I was able to have brunch before I had to leave Edinburgh. We went to my favourite beach cafe 'The Beach House' on Portabello beach.

It was a lovely morning and a lot of people around the area enjoying the sunshine. My aunty doesn't live too far from here and I have a lot of fond memories of Portabello beach, it has the perfect sand, its soft and the perfect colour.. sounds random doesn't it.. but its true.

There is always a huge temptation to skip savoury foods and jump right into the cakes, but I was a good girl and just took their photos instead.

Amazing Cake Table! Next Time.....

Flat White

Wholemeal organic toast with scrambled egg
I really love scrambled egg and only one other place can beat this (Leonard's coffee house in Durham) really light and creamy, I added a sprinkle of salt and pepper just out of habit but it really was yummy. The toast is dense and thick and resembled rye bread.

Just for a sneak peak this is what some others ordered -

Special Breakfast with Chorizo, Black putting & Poached egg

Poached egg on toast with a side of beans
My mum ordered the bacon roll but I am sure you can imagine what that looks like.

Afterwards we had a walk on the prom before I had to go. This green van cafe caught my eye. This lady is living the dream with such a great view all day for 'work'.

This lovely little green van cafe

Here are some more pics of the beautiful beach over the last couple of days.

Let me know what you end up having for brunch... Tweet me! @misskeveryday

Love Miss K xx
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