14 July 2014

Miss K's June Favourites!

Summer weather and bright clothes are making me happy at the moment, my yellow jacket I bought a few months ago is finally allowed to come out of the wardrobe!  Check out my instagram for my wardrobe updates!

June flew by but its been fun, I am back dieting but I have had a few nights out with friends and enjoying the weather.

M&S Silver Shoes
Inspired by Laura @buynowbloglater I was pleased to discover a beautiful pair of silver stilettos for only £19 in Marks and Spencers. Its surprising how much silver shoes go with, navy, black, denim basically everything! These shoes are really comfy and I love wearing them (not available online, Next are also stocking similar).

Lemon Fanta
While on my holiday in Kos, Greece I fell back in love with lemon fanta as it was on unlimited access, however now I am back in the UK its pretty hard to find! They sell it in supermarkets but its not a drink usually stocked in smaller local stores :-( if you just wanted to grab a can or bottle for a pick me up.  It is like a little holiday in a glass! Perfection!

New Pjs - Miffy
Primark Pjs are still a novelty to me and i am not sure I could get away with super heroes which seem to be on quite a lot of them. But I am totally loving my new Miffy bunny ones. Cuffed bottoms in a soft jersey material.
Not bad for £8! I need to go back and stock up on some different ones. Pjs are so much fun.

Gourmet Yogurt
Yogurt is one of my favourite foods, usually of tropical flavours. This was a discovery in my local Sainsburys and they have some lovely flavours, creme brûlée, Mango, Amaretto & Raspberry. The yogurt is so thick and yummy, it reminds me of Muller Yogurt from the fruit corners which they used to sell separately. It is quite expensive for yogurt but there is approx 4 portions in each big pot like this and they are usually on offer 2 for £4.

Amazing Passionfruit Yogurt

Pumpkin Seeds
Great on their own or on top of yogurt, I am really loving pumpkin seeds! Cashew nuts are also pretty yummy too.

Womens Health Magazine - 
My new lifestyle has given me the need for more information on a healthy lifestyle. When I first started looking at healthy magazines I fell in love with Zest Magazine, it was a mix of healthy living, fashion and people sharing stories. Luckily I bought the magazines on my iPad as this year they cancelled the magazine :-(  so at least I can revisit the past issues. However on the plus side Women's Health magazine was increased to 10 issues a year instead of 6 so I started to buy that instead. Its pretty much the same to be honest, the best features are recipes, flat belly day and sporty fashion. The interview with the celebrity on the cover is usually really good as it shows them in an illustration which exercises they usually do. I can't believe I used to buy Vogue and Harpers Bazar every month this is much more worth while. I can't wait to make some of these protein bars!

Vivianna Does Makeup Vlog & Blog
I love and watch a lot of you tube stars but for me you get to know people better by reading their blog. I have been really loving Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup, she really does work hard posting and vlogging.

Anna was interviewed in Stylist magazine (free to download on iPad) and it was great to hear more about Anna and how brave she was to give up her full time job to become a full time blogger and you tube star. I don't know if I would ever get the opportunity to meet Anna but she is definitely an inspiration. I don't know if I could ever give up my full time job as I have a shopping addiction. 

Completing #100happydays Challenge on Instagram 29/06/2014!
You may recall me struggling with this challenge not long into the journey. It was much harder than I ever thought it would be. You can look back at my posts  on my instagram. I did this with my friend Annabel there were days when it was hard to find something to be happy about that you would be able to show in a photograph. It might have been easier as a Twitter post, but as I am not a frequent Tweeter, instagram was my only choice. 

Its done now, and it shows when you have willpower it is easy to stick to something and not give up.  Why don't you try the challenge? Sign up here!

Happy July!

Love Miss K xx
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