25 July 2014

Cheese & Wine! The perfect night in!

I think i've got the perfect night in all sorted. My friend Miss S and I usually go to the gym on Friday nights so we are not naughty every week, but... when we do have a night in with a movie we have cheese & wine.

We both contribute to the table so its different every time. On this occasion we had bubbles (prosecco) to celebrate S's new job! We drank out of my LSA champagne saucers, I got these a few christmas' ago and they are so nice to drink out of as it is less fizzy and your nose doesn't get stuck (maybe that only happens to me). Plus we get some snacks to have on the side.

LSA champagne saucers
To balance out the naughty cheese we usually have a plate of fresh fruit, raspberries, blueberries, grapes and sometimes strawberries too. 

Cheese has always been one of my favourite foods, but I think I appreciate it more now and want to taste the different types of cheese. I used to settle for just plain coloured cheddar but there was a world of cheese I was missing out on.

This is what we had on my cheese board (with hidden knives, so handy, my grandad bought it for me a few years ago and its so handy) Wensleydale with Cranberries, Port Sault, 5 colour cheese (multiple layers of hard cheeses available from Tesco) and Le Roule were our choices on this board.

Example cheeseboard with knives
We also tried out some new Kettle Chips, Mozerella & Pesto flavour!

Kettle Chips
We also had a selection of biscuits but I just put a few out of each type so we only have a few each. Usually Tesco selection and some chilli crackers from Jacobs.

Chilli Crackers
What do you think is essential to cheese and wine night?

Me & Miss S on a night out instead of a night in
Happy Friday!

Love Miss K xx
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  1. Yay another North East blog :) Looking forward to catching up with all your posts.

    I LOVE cheese and wine too, think it's a girl thing though cos I keep trying to convince my boyfriend to do cheese and wine nights and he doesn't really get it :(

    Chloe x

    1. aww thank you Chloe! I am heading over to yours too! I don't think boys understand cheese & wine concept... just more excuses to hang out with friends!

  2. ooooh sounds so delicious! I definitely want to try this :D


  3. Let me know when you do!! via twitter or instagram!


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