25 July 2014

Cheese & Wine! The perfect night in!

I think i've got the perfect night in all sorted. My friend Miss S and I usually go to the gym on Friday nights so we are not naughty every week, but... when we do have a night in with a movie we have cheese & wine.

We both contribute to the table so its different every time. On this occasion we had bubbles (prosecco) to celebrate S's new job! We drank out of my LSA champagne saucers, I got these a few christmas' ago and they are so nice to drink out of as it is less fizzy and your nose doesn't get stuck (maybe that only happens to me). Plus we get some snacks to have on the side.

LSA champagne saucers
To balance out the naughty cheese we usually have a plate of fresh fruit, raspberries, blueberries, grapes and sometimes strawberries too. 

Cheese has always been one of my favourite foods, but I think I appreciate it more now and want to taste the different types of cheese. I used to settle for just plain coloured cheddar but there was a world of cheese I was missing out on.

This is what we had on my cheese board (with hidden knives, so handy, my grandad bought it for me a few years ago and its so handy) Wensleydale with Cranberries, Port Sault, 5 colour cheese (multiple layers of hard cheeses available from Tesco) and Le Roule were our choices on this board.

Example cheeseboard with knives
We also tried out some new Kettle Chips, Mozerella & Pesto flavour!

Kettle Chips
We also had a selection of biscuits but I just put a few out of each type so we only have a few each. Usually Tesco selection and some chilli crackers from Jacobs.

Chilli Crackers
What do you think is essential to cheese and wine night?

Me & Miss S on a night out instead of a night in
Happy Friday!

Love Miss K xx
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19 July 2014

Review! Brunch @ The Beach House

Weekends are perfect days to merge two meals together, late morning 'brunch'. I have shared this favourite meal time with you a few months ago when I had the most amazing french toast...

Yesterday (Friday) I was off work due to a bereavement of my dear Grandad who lived a long 91 years before he was taken away last week. We celebrated his life in a remembrance service instead of a usual funeral, where my Dad and his brother conducted the ceremony themselves in front of friends and family of my Grandad. I am sure Grandad would have loved brunch!

Sorry I went off track there, basically due to having to travel a distance to be with family I was able to have brunch before I had to leave Edinburgh. We went to my favourite beach cafe 'The Beach House' on Portabello beach.

It was a lovely morning and a lot of people around the area enjoying the sunshine. My aunty doesn't live too far from here and I have a lot of fond memories of Portabello beach, it has the perfect sand, its soft and the perfect colour.. sounds random doesn't it.. but its true.

There is always a huge temptation to skip savoury foods and jump right into the cakes, but I was a good girl and just took their photos instead.

Amazing Cake Table! Next Time.....

Flat White

Wholemeal organic toast with scrambled egg
I really love scrambled egg and only one other place can beat this (Leonard's coffee house in Durham) really light and creamy, I added a sprinkle of salt and pepper just out of habit but it really was yummy. The toast is dense and thick and resembled rye bread.

Just for a sneak peak this is what some others ordered -

Special Breakfast with Chorizo, Black putting & Poached egg

Poached egg on toast with a side of beans
My mum ordered the bacon roll but I am sure you can imagine what that looks like.

Afterwards we had a walk on the prom before I had to go. This green van cafe caught my eye. This lady is living the dream with such a great view all day for 'work'.

This lovely little green van cafe

Here are some more pics of the beautiful beach over the last couple of days.

Let me know what you end up having for brunch... Tweet me! @misskeveryday

Love Miss K xx
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17 July 2014

Lets Bake! Nigella's Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake!

This recipe was first introduced to me by my friend Vik who has a good collection of Nigella Lawson cook books.  This weekend I decided to treat the family by making the most yummy lemon cake! It doesn't matter how many times I make this cake it never fails and is super tasty! 

Taken from the Domestic Goddess book this is the Lemon syrup drizzle loaf cake.

Slice served with fresh raspberries
Ingredients -

For the Cake  
  • 125 g unsalted butter
    175 g caster sugar
    2 large eggs
    zest of 1 or 2 lemons (more is good extra flavour!)
    175 g self raising flour
    pinch of salt
    4 tablespoons milk
    23 x 13 x 7 cm loaf tin buttered and lined

  • Preheat your oven to 180 C

For the syrup
Juice of 1 ½ lemons & 100 g icing sugar

For the drizzle glaze
Juice of ½ a lemon or splash of water to make a runny icing
150 g icing sugar

Prepare & measure the ingredients
Add all cake ingredients to the mixing bowl

Use a grater on your lemons to get the zest

Mix up the cake ingredients
Once the cake ingredients are mixed fully, add to the lined tin and pop into the pre heated oven for approx 35 / 45 minutes (depends on your oven).

When the cake is in the oven start to prepare the syrup for immediate use when by adding the ingredients straight to a pan to heat until boiling then set aside.

Now the cake is fully cooked as soon as it is out of the oven use a fork all over the top of the cake to make small holes. Pour over the lemon syrup and set aside to cool but leave in the tin.

Once fully cooled remove from the tin and display on a plate for serving.

Make up the drizzle and pour over the cooled cake as shown in my picture.

Then serve a slice, I put raspberries with mine.


Finished Loaf cake

Love Miss K xx
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13 July 2014

Discovery of the white shirt!

I have never been able to wear a shirt due to the fact they just don't make them in plus sizes.  But now I can shop back on the high street I am starting to build such a varied style of clothes in my wardrobe. (Maybe.. I need to try a 10 piece capsule wardrobe for when September comes around, I will ask my stylish friend Stephanie to help with this one).

I have been searching for the perfect white shirt for a while to see if they suit me and see what I have in my wardrobe that I would wear with it.

White Shirt was discovered in Sainsburys TU for only £6! Cute peter pan collar and covered buttons.

I wore it for the first time this week to work with my NW3@Hobbs tweed skirt. Yes... I agree this skirt is more A/W than S/S but its taken me ages to get into it, so I am wearing it! I paired it with a statement necklace and some new sandals I picked up last weekend from Office.

Office Sandals - £25
And.. because it was so cheap and perfect I also picked it up in Black. Woop!

Is it wrong to go back and buy more of each?! 

I am now on the search for more perfect shirts, so I will keep you posted!

Love Miss K xx
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12 July 2014

French Connection Sale Haul!

I hit the sales again last week, heading straight for French Connection.

French Connection always has generous discounts in their sales usually with at least 50% off. I think their fashion are mostly classic but fabulous but do not date. The materials used are always of a high standard and I always enjoy wearing my items over and over again.

I do have one problem with FC sales if you visit the store on the high street is that they don't do refunds! If you change your mind, it is exchange only so my top tip is buy it online if your not 100% sure.

Here are the items that I picked up, some have been further reduced since I bought them :-( but I have worn them all since I purchased so not too sad as they are keepers and I know I will get a lot of wear out of them.

Lucy Flared Dress - Now £27 at ASOS
I wore the black dress with my yellow zara blazer and new KG wedges when I went out with the girls for drinks last Friday.

Lucy Flared Dress - Now £22 at FC
Wore the grey version this week with my sparkle converse for a more casual look. I got this one in a size smaller than the black. It did make it a little bit shorter but it was still comfy. 

I loved it so much when I tried it on in store that I didn't want to risk not being able to get it online that I went with the size available. I can't tell you enough how much I love the thick jersey material this dress is made from. It doesn't crease and maintains its structure. I LOVE THIS DRESS (in both colours!).

Loving my sparkle Converse - blog post

I have had my eye on this leopard print dress for quite some time so I was pleased to discover it in the sale in my size. I am a big fan of the drop waist style and I have a lovely one from NW3@Hobbs which I often wear for work.

This one is super comfy to wear and can be dressed up and down depending on which shoes & accessories I put with it. I just paired it with leggings and sandals for a smart / casual look.

Abstract Animal Dress - Now £22 at FC

I also picked up a cute black skirt that I have been wearing to work of thick structured jersey and it is very swishy. What more could you ask for from a skirt, nice shape, flattering and fun. Wish they had it in more colours!

Marie Skirt - Now £25 at FC

Now that I have noticed further reductions have appeared on the FC website I have to stop myself from buying anymore! Wish me and my bank account luck!

Love Miss K xx
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8 July 2014

Veggie Omelette Recipe! Only 299 Calories!

This is a new discovery for me I have never made or eaten an omelette before but I was looking for a change from scrambled egg since I have given up toast and falling in love with vegetables.

I tried making one for the first time last week with what I had in the fridge half a white onion and 2 eggs with just a sprinkle of cheese. I really enjoyed it but I was thinking I can make more of this next time!

Today I thought I would try again so this is what I did -
2 eggs (whisked)
1 medium sized Tomato (sliced)
2 mushrooms (sliced)
1/2 a small red onion (thinly sliced)
15g of mature cheddar cheese (grated)

1) Use a shallow non stick pan and heat ready to dry fry
2) Add in the chopped red onion and mushrooms
3) Once soft add in the whisked eggs so it covers the contents of the pan
4) Continue to fry until nearly cooked
5) Layer sliced tomatoes over top
6) Sprinkle with handful of grated cheese
7) Place under the grill to crisp the top or flip if you are feeling confident

I added some mixed herbs on the top to add some extra flavour you might even want to add a few chilli's to spice it up.

I am now off to look on Pinterest for more ideas for another time!

Whats your favourite flavour?

Love Miss K xx
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