5 June 2014

What's in my beach bag?

I am just back from an early summer holiday to the Greek Island, Kos (here is where I stayed). I had been collecting clothes and summer accessories long before it was spring. However, I wish I had given my beach bag a bit more thought in hindsight, as I was missing a fancy beach towel and maybe a cowboy hat!

The most important thing to start with is my chosen beach bag... which I picked up from Victoria's Secret in the sale at 50% off approx so for only £10 I was sorted (It really is this bright!).

Before heading down to the beach, I think its best to stock up on reading materials. I usually take 1 book, 1 magazine and usually 1 quiz book (& pen) - I picked up a word search one in the airport (shhhh). Don't forget your bottle of water and maybe a healthy fruit snack bar so you don't find yourself looking for the closest place to get ice cream.

My gold Haviana's, Red Magazine and my flash mirror Ray bans
Harry by Marcia Moody

My chosen book is probably not your usual read but if you have been following my blogs, you will know I love the Royal Family. When I noticed that the same author who published my much loved 'Kate' book last year had released the same for 'Harry', I knew it would be a good holiday read. 

Marcia Moody has a really good way of pulling together history with an insight into the lifestyle of Harry (or Kate) that I don't think you would get anywhere else. I now feel I understand Harry a little better and his character. He sometimes acts out or pushes people away. You get more information on how he coped losing his mother at such a young age, who he turned to and how he has been waiting until he is old enough before he can pick up pieces she left behind with her beloved charities. If you love the royals I can recommend this book.

Baseball cap from Accessorize
Getting back to whats in my bag, I think you always need a hat when down at the beach, and maybe this was the only place I could probably get away with this bright number. It was a last minute purchase in Manchester Airport and it was only £12 from Accessorize.

Selfie in my bright hat and my lovely Victoria Secret PINK vest
Unfortunately I couldn't make any sandcastles while on the beach, it had silly ants which I didn't want the bites to prove it plus by the waters edge it was pretty rocky. However, it was lovely and peaceful down there, the beach is one of my favourite places to sit, relax and think.

What do you think is a beach bag essential? (I didn't mention suncream so don't forget that it is really important)

It is only 138 days until my next holiday so I am going to keep my eyes open for a bright beach towel, maybe Victoria's Secret will be selling some off at the end of the season? Fingers crossed!

Love Miss K xx
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