9 June 2014

Miss K's May Favourites!

It's June and I have already been on my summer holiday! Due to having to be beach ready so early in the season I went looking for a good fake tan.

Discovery > St Tropez Express

This fake tan by St Tropez seemed too good to be true, put it on for 1 - 3 hours depending on how dark you want the end result. I did this for 2 hours before I was going to an event to try it out before my holidays... I washed it off with warm water as it instructed and the result? nothing! No colour change. 

Anyways I decided to go with tights for my night out instead of the white legs, well.... little did I know what was happening while I was out... This was me the morning after. 

I was wise to the results by the time I went on holiday but I couldn't believe the results for only 2 hours waiting time. For the same result I would need to sleep in my fake tan this product went on easily using the St Tropez mitt and didn't have a strong smell. I don't think I will be buying anything else now.

Benefit Sunbeam & Topshop Lipsticks
When on holiday I usually turn to different makeup, lighter weight foundation (Liz Earle Sheer tint) but I also want to be more light reflective and bronzed. So I use Nars Laguna Bronzer on my cheeks then I apply Benefit Sunbeam on top. It is long lasting and not sticky which is what I expected. They last forever so if you can get hold of the mini sized bottles like I have which came with the poise & cha cha tints you can test them out without a huge investment.

I also love bright lips and I have recently discovered Tease (wearing in the pic) and Macaroon  from Topshop.

One Line A Day (5 year diary)
This was first introduced to me by my friend Amy we like a lot of the same things and even though we sit together at work this book never seemed to come up in conversation until a month ago. One Line a Day is a great concept so every year you can read what happened the year before as a mini trip down memory lane everyday and I am seeing it as an extension to my #100happydays which ends on 28th June :-)  I wish I had started mine on January 1st but as the pages are not year dated, I started mine in May so it will run until 2019! 

Simone Scribes blog & weekly vlog
I have been following Simone's Blog for a while now and I really look forward to reading her posts as she really is honest and always recommends a product I will put on my list to try out next time I am looking for that item.

Simone has recently started vlogging on you tube too and I always look forward to Saturday afternoon waiting to see what Simone and her lovely family have been up to this week. Simone is an irish busy working mum living in Dubai, she is always going somewhere or giving some ad hoc beauty advice. Next time you have a spare 10 minutes, check out Simone.

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Kris: Dying to Live documentary BBC @KrisPoB
This was a documentary by Kris Hallenga who raises awareness regarding Breast Cancer as she was diagnosed herself in 2009. Kris started a charity called Coppafeel where she goes round educating schools and groups about the importance of checking yourself, such an eye opening story. Watch on BBC iPlayer until 16th June.

Kris Hallenga -  Dying to Live

What has been your May favourites?

The weather in England doesn't seem to be making its mind up yet if its summer or April with the amount of rain we are getting.

Love Miss K xx
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