18 June 2014

Healthy Snacks - Proper Corn, Nakd Bars & Trek

Losing weight has given me a whole new perspective when it comes to food especially snacks. I really appreciate flavour, it has to be low calorie and... you will probably think this is random but the more 'crunchy' food is the better (like Carrots!).

From living on shakes you obviously miss food but what I missed the most is the experience. I ate a lot of food to make me my previous size 26 self but I didn't once think about the food I was eating nor did I enjoy it. Until now....

I am still on my shakes but occasionally I allow days off or treats (not chocolate!) to keep on track. My favourite at the moment really has to be popcorn!

Proper Corn flavours are really yummy and with a max of 129 calories per pack (most are under 100 cals) you feel like your being really naughty but infact this is a healthy snack which is gluten & wheat free.

Sweet Coconut & Vanilla (109 cals) is my number 1 favourite, followed by Sweet & Salty (129 cals).

My other favourite snacks are Nakd (Try Ginger Bread flavour) or Trek bars which are higher in calories but good as a meal replacement if you are on the road, they really are yummy!

It's great to have these new snacks to choose from but you really can't beat fresh fruit, I recently went to a thai cookery class and we made a huge fresh salad topped with desiccated coconut and passionfruit. 

It is really important to eat healthy and cook your foods from fresh and as I am trying to re-educate my eating habits I have been going to a few classes to try new recipes out with friends even though I am a confident cook at home.

We also cooked a Spicy prawn soup and a chicken curry. Have you ever been to a cookery class?

What is your favourite healthy snack or recipe?

Love Miss K xx
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