24 June 2014

Backpacks & Bumbags! @River Island & Topshop

There are times everyday in my life that relates to an episode of Sex and the City. I know this may sound a little odd.. but its true. 

I am not necessarily saying always Carrie Bradshaw.. but something happens or a clothing item (like the amazing gold ray bans, white dress and sparkly shoes from satc2 movie) and it all comes back to that amazing tv show that leaves a hole in my world that I just keep rewatching all the time.

Anyways the latest flashback was the 90's fashion revival that is going on at the moment... Backpacks and Bumbags...enter Carrie Bradshaw..

Now I am not saying.. lets all copy this outfit, and you may think bumbags were never a fashionable item but there is no denying that SJP is rocking that bag! 

I came across a bumbag in River Island on Sunday in Manchester and I was inches away from buying it until I put into perspective that I didn't even like the colour of the bag.. it was the bag I liked..It was super cute on.. so it is not totally off the cards but maybe it needs to be more tan or black.

So why is the bumbag not a popular fashion bag? I mainly think its the name putting everyone off, the concept is super, handsfree, light, no sore shoulders, handy to carry your items around, you can leave it on when your out for a coffee... come on girls lets invest!!

Ok.. I know I have mentioned this in a previous post but I have a very cute bike with a basket. I still feel nervous every time I sit on it but it also equally makes me a very happy bunny. I promise to show you pics of me and my bike very soon! Anyways this leds me onto my next fashion bag discussion... the backpack!

I have been considering one for a while, but it has to be perfect, wearable in all seasons and on trend.

Naughty River Island had another bag that stole my heart at the weekend, but also didn't make it home with me. The mix of print and pattern was just beautiful but its not leather and I was thinking I am limited to wearing this only in summer and even though it is unique that I just couldn't see myself wearing it very often... (however I am still thinking about it!)

I walked away from River Island, happy to have left both bags behind but still like the idea of both bags.

Topshop in Manchester City is exceptionally LARGE! and usually has good sized departments when it comes to shoes and bags.

I saw this and instantly fell in love...........

I tried to put it back at least 3 times mainly because I rarely buy a bag on the high street as they are more of an investment piece for me once a year but this had me planning outfits and where I was going to wear it on my bike trips that I had to consider buying this beautiful tassel backpack!

This was the cheaper option available in the same style but it really is unique, all season and on trend. 

What do you think of these 90's bag revival trends? 

Love Miss K xx
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