29 June 2014

Topshop & Kurt Geiger sale haul!

Sales are on....eeek! This is like music to my ears except when I cannot find the items I am looking for :-(

I guess thats the trouble with sales there is no guarantee you are going to get the item you have been keeping your eye on.

My heart skipped a beat when I was in Heathrow T5 this week when I visited the bag section in Harrods! This beautiful Victoria Beckham leather tote bag was reduced from £1685 to £988. I couldn't justify a huge purchase like this while browsing in the airport but maybe if it gets reduced further!

On the high street you do end up with some surprise investments at amazing prices! I got some good purchases when I went to Topshop and Kurt Geiger sales last week...

Black Soft trench coat was £79 now £20!
Perfect for my spring / autumn wardrobe, perfect with trousers or jeans. Calf length, bows on the wrists and I have tied the belt in a bow on the back to bring it in a bit as it is oversized. I am going to start planning some outfits to wear this week if its a bit cooler.

Bunny Marl Sweater was £24 I bought it for £12 but it is now £7
I really wanted his sweater when it was easter but it was a sell out, but I think its not easter specific so I think I will get away with wearing it all year round. I have another one of these sweaters in Coral with cities listed on it and it is super comfy so I can't wait to wear this :-)

Might have also bought another in mint....
Kiss Me Sweater was £24 now £12

I also got some cute wedges from Kurt Geiger for work originally £95 now £29. You would probably get something similar to this from New Look for the same price but I thought these were really good value. I was looking for a new work shoe that wasn't too high and these wedges seem to tick all the boxes.

That wraps up all my sale purchases so far.. I am sure I might find more in the sales they have only just started.

Have you bought anything nice in the sales?

Love Miss K xx
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24 June 2014

Backpacks & Bumbags! @River Island & Topshop

There are times everyday in my life that relates to an episode of Sex and the City. I know this may sound a little odd.. but its true. 

I am not necessarily saying always Carrie Bradshaw.. but something happens or a clothing item (like the amazing gold ray bans, white dress and sparkly shoes from satc2 movie) and it all comes back to that amazing tv show that leaves a hole in my world that I just keep rewatching all the time.

Anyways the latest flashback was the 90's fashion revival that is going on at the moment... Backpacks and Bumbags...enter Carrie Bradshaw..

Now I am not saying.. lets all copy this outfit, and you may think bumbags were never a fashionable item but there is no denying that SJP is rocking that bag! 

I came across a bumbag in River Island on Sunday in Manchester and I was inches away from buying it until I put into perspective that I didn't even like the colour of the bag.. it was the bag I liked..It was super cute on.. so it is not totally off the cards but maybe it needs to be more tan or black.

So why is the bumbag not a popular fashion bag? I mainly think its the name putting everyone off, the concept is super, handsfree, light, no sore shoulders, handy to carry your items around, you can leave it on when your out for a coffee... come on girls lets invest!!

Ok.. I know I have mentioned this in a previous post but I have a very cute bike with a basket. I still feel nervous every time I sit on it but it also equally makes me a very happy bunny. I promise to show you pics of me and my bike very soon! Anyways this leds me onto my next fashion bag discussion... the backpack!

I have been considering one for a while, but it has to be perfect, wearable in all seasons and on trend.

Naughty River Island had another bag that stole my heart at the weekend, but also didn't make it home with me. The mix of print and pattern was just beautiful but its not leather and I was thinking I am limited to wearing this only in summer and even though it is unique that I just couldn't see myself wearing it very often... (however I am still thinking about it!)

I walked away from River Island, happy to have left both bags behind but still like the idea of both bags.

Topshop in Manchester City is exceptionally LARGE! and usually has good sized departments when it comes to shoes and bags.

I saw this and instantly fell in love...........

I tried to put it back at least 3 times mainly because I rarely buy a bag on the high street as they are more of an investment piece for me once a year but this had me planning outfits and where I was going to wear it on my bike trips that I had to consider buying this beautiful tassel backpack!

This was the cheaper option available in the same style but it really is unique, all season and on trend. 

What do you think of these 90's bag revival trends? 

Love Miss K xx
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23 June 2014

Sunglasses - RayBan, Chanel & Dior!

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is hard work, and if you are a bit like me, one pair just isn't enough....I like a choice to compliment my outfit or mood.

The newest pair in my collection are my Ray-Ban aviators with the green flash lens. I never set out to purchase these it was meant to be the Michael Kors pair that has been in the summer campaign.

Michael Kors
I then started googling green mirrored glasses and discovered a whole new world of options...the Ray-Ban collection had a choice of red, blue or green mirrored lens' so then I had to purchase! However as the mirrors are reflective they aren't always the perfect green I saw on the images online, sometimes they seem more blue. 


Late summer last year I treated myself to some Chanel Sunglasses they are a rounded lens within a large cats eye frame. They are quite trend focused so not as wearable long term as my next pair but they are quite dark but they suit me and are super comfy to wear.

Chanel sunglasses, Asos Dress, Topshop shoes & Mulberry Bryn

The last pair is my everyday pair of sunglasses by Dior I have had them over a year but they are still available at John Lewis. The brown shade lens and shape means they go with any outfit and you can't go wrong with a huge pair of shades! Plus the style isn't going to go out of fashion anytime soon.

Sunglasses are an investment so I think if you find a style that suit you they are worth spending the extra on. 

Some of my friends also like to keep a cheap pair in their handbags just incase an unexpected coffee in the sunshine happens. I haven't done this yet but its a good idea! OOoooh more sunglasses shopping! I will keep you posted!

How many pairs of sunglasses do you have?

Woop summer is here in the UK!

Love Miss K xx
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18 June 2014

Healthy Snacks - Proper Corn, Nakd Bars & Trek

Losing weight has given me a whole new perspective when it comes to food especially snacks. I really appreciate flavour, it has to be low calorie and... you will probably think this is random but the more 'crunchy' food is the better (like Carrots!).

From living on shakes you obviously miss food but what I missed the most is the experience. I ate a lot of food to make me my previous size 26 self but I didn't once think about the food I was eating nor did I enjoy it. Until now....

I am still on my shakes but occasionally I allow days off or treats (not chocolate!) to keep on track. My favourite at the moment really has to be popcorn!

Proper Corn flavours are really yummy and with a max of 129 calories per pack (most are under 100 cals) you feel like your being really naughty but infact this is a healthy snack which is gluten & wheat free.

Sweet Coconut & Vanilla (109 cals) is my number 1 favourite, followed by Sweet & Salty (129 cals).

My other favourite snacks are Nakd (Try Ginger Bread flavour) or Trek bars which are higher in calories but good as a meal replacement if you are on the road, they really are yummy!

It's great to have these new snacks to choose from but you really can't beat fresh fruit, I recently went to a thai cookery class and we made a huge fresh salad topped with desiccated coconut and passionfruit. 

It is really important to eat healthy and cook your foods from fresh and as I am trying to re-educate my eating habits I have been going to a few classes to try new recipes out with friends even though I am a confident cook at home.

We also cooked a Spicy prawn soup and a chicken curry. Have you ever been to a cookery class?

What is your favourite healthy snack or recipe?

Love Miss K xx
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8 June 2014

Brunch - Homemade fresh fruit salad!

It is always great to see a friend you haven't seen in ages for a catch up so when I suggested brunch at mine, I thought I would make a fresh fruit salad and serve it with some 0% greek yogurt.

Ingredients - 
Fresh Pineapple
Passion fruit

Pumpkin Seeds

Total 0% Greek Yogurt 
Flake Almonds
Porriage oats
Pumpkin seeds

Before Caroline came over I set the table with my new plates (recent purchase from sainsburys, they are hand painted). When entertaining its always good to do as much prep in advance as possible so you can chat instead of organising when they get there. 

Normally if I am cooking I would prep the meal before my guests arrive but as we were eating fresh fruit I spent 10 minutes doing this before we ate so i didn't have to preserve any of the slices fruits.

Any excuse to get out my nice plates, cutlery and glasses

When serving yogurt, I always think its more enjoyable with some healthy sides, so we had oats, pumpkin seeds and some flaked almonds, even if its just 1 teaspoon it adds a bit of something.

My lovely friend Caroline
Me enjoying my brunch

Instead of fresh orange, I picked up this cute slightly fizz peach drink as a treat
I also do another lovely fruit salad with mint leaves and coconut so I will share that with you next time.

Have a lovely weekend.

Love Miss K xx
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5 June 2014

What's in my beach bag?

I am just back from an early summer holiday to the Greek Island, Kos (here is where I stayed). I had been collecting clothes and summer accessories long before it was spring. However, I wish I had given my beach bag a bit more thought in hindsight, as I was missing a fancy beach towel and maybe a cowboy hat!

The most important thing to start with is my chosen beach bag... which I picked up from Victoria's Secret in the sale at 50% off approx so for only £10 I was sorted (It really is this bright!).

Before heading down to the beach, I think its best to stock up on reading materials. I usually take 1 book, 1 magazine and usually 1 quiz book (& pen) - I picked up a word search one in the airport (shhhh). Don't forget your bottle of water and maybe a healthy fruit snack bar so you don't find yourself looking for the closest place to get ice cream.

My gold Haviana's, Red Magazine and my flash mirror Ray bans
Harry by Marcia Moody

My chosen book is probably not your usual read but if you have been following my blogs, you will know I love the Royal Family. When I noticed that the same author who published my much loved 'Kate' book last year had released the same for 'Harry', I knew it would be a good holiday read. 

Marcia Moody has a really good way of pulling together history with an insight into the lifestyle of Harry (or Kate) that I don't think you would get anywhere else. I now feel I understand Harry a little better and his character. He sometimes acts out or pushes people away. You get more information on how he coped losing his mother at such a young age, who he turned to and how he has been waiting until he is old enough before he can pick up pieces she left behind with her beloved charities. If you love the royals I can recommend this book.

Baseball cap from Accessorize
Getting back to whats in my bag, I think you always need a hat when down at the beach, and maybe this was the only place I could probably get away with this bright number. It was a last minute purchase in Manchester Airport and it was only £12 from Accessorize.

Selfie in my bright hat and my lovely Victoria Secret PINK vest
Unfortunately I couldn't make any sandcastles while on the beach, it had silly ants which I didn't want the bites to prove it plus by the waters edge it was pretty rocky. However, it was lovely and peaceful down there, the beach is one of my favourite places to sit, relax and think.

What do you think is a beach bag essential? (I didn't mention suncream so don't forget that it is really important)

It is only 138 days until my next holiday so I am going to keep my eyes open for a bright beach towel, maybe Victoria's Secret will be selling some off at the end of the season? Fingers crossed!

Love Miss K xx
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