28 May 2014

Review: Juice @Trinity, Leeds

It was a lovely summery day on Bank Holiday Monday and a healthy treat was in order!

My friend Annabel loves the Juice bar in Trinity, Leeds and when the words 'healthy' and 'pina colada' were mentioned, I was like we are totally going there!

However, when we got there, I was having a pinkberry moment and instantly requested the frozen yogurt (fat free!) instead of the juice I went for. Next time...

I got the frozen Kiwi fruit yogurt with a topping of dried coconut, yummy! I was expecting fresh fruit on the side but instead it was blended into the yogurt, soooooo nice!

Downside, there was no where to sit at Juice, but luckily trinity has some cute seating areas round the centre, so we just perched there for more gossiping.

My lovely friend Annabel
Can't believe its nearly June! Fingers crossed for more nice summer days!

What is your favourite Juice or frozen yogurt combo?

Love Miss K xx

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