5 May 2014

Create! Personalising my Converse!

I have been planning on doing this for a while, as I helped my friend Nicola do hers last year and I was going to do it to mine at the time but I fancied a new pair and then I forgot!

So today is a Bank Holiday, time to get round to those things you just never get time to do on weekends or evenings..

Here is how I did it and for only £3!

Take a pair of Converse or similar baseball type shoe with the white rubber on the toes.

Then go to your local haberdashery / google! and find some stick on diamantes and iron on patches or motifs. 

Then just start sticking them on, I went all the way round the white rubber area first then tried to do lines going left to right until I got to the smallest area until it was all covered.

Then once I had finished, it was time to iron on my 'K' patch.

I pre heated the iron then applied a wet cloth over the top of my patch then held the iron on top for 10 seconds then it was done! :-)

I have really enjoyed personalising my converse, it makes them individual and fun for weekend walks or riding on my bike... not told you all about my bike yet! 

This didn't take long (15 mins!) and I don't know how long the stickers will last but I do have some left over incase I lose some. Plus for £3 I can go buy some more or get different coloured ones.

Have you done this to your converse or decorated something else that was fun, quick and easy?

Love Miss K xx
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