15 May 2014

1 year on... Lighter Life! Losing 8 Stone!!

I am a little bit nervous to share my weight loss story, but if I can help one person it's worth sharing.

This was me last year and this is me now. My size 26 denim skirt was super tight yet I was still eating a huge ice cream! It probably made me feel better for 5 minutes until the guilt set in.

Then & Now 
Then & Now
If you told me on this date last year I would be 8 stone lighter I probably wouldn't have believed you. I still feel like I have some more weight to lose before I find my perfect weight but this is my story so far....

I have been on the Lighter Life Total diet since 15th May 2013, this diet consists of totally NO FOOD and a lot of water.

April 2013
June 2012
Last night out before diet started - May 2013

I wasn't overweight as a kid but I did always love cheese sandwiches and desserts then when I was 20 I started to gain weight quite quickly for another 10 years. I wasn't taking care of myself, I never saw myself in a mirror and I didn't even think about what I was eating and how much. 

I've always had a smile on my face even if I didn't feel like it inside. If I think back before I started LL, everything revolved around food, good times or bad times, that was going to be a hard habit to break.

If I am honest how did I feel for the 10 years before starting Lighter Life? 
  1. Like a thin person trapped inside a bigger persons body 
  2. I spent hours looking for clothes that I liked when there was such a limited choice and they were really expensive. 
  3. I always felt panicked or anxious before a special occasion, thinking I don't think I will go, or I will just hide behind my friends or I would leave early. 
  4. I would avoid any occasion which meant I needed to travel either on a plane or train as I didn't want to get stuck or not fit in the belt.
  5. I haven't been taking holidays infact I have been maintaining that I just don't even like going on holiday!??
The list could go on to be honest but without facing my list of fears I was unable to make this change and move forward.

When I first signed up to Lighter Life, I was desperate. I had tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World, 5:2 I just couldn't commit and knowing I had at least 10 stone to lose I was losing faith and needed to see results fast.

One of my friends had done lighter life and really had made a positive change, I couldn't believe the difference in her. I googled and found there wasn't any local groups near to my home. So I phoned the customer services line to see what they could suggest. "We are starting a telephone programme, would you be interested in this? You would be our first ever member!"

Wow, pressure, first ever member to this new telephone club, fear of failure did cross my mind and when I heard the initial cost I thought 'can I afford this?' 

I said to the lady I would think about it, I called my parents in tears and they said 'this is not about if you can afford to pay for it, can you really carry on the way you are?' and the answer was there, No I couldn't, I was really emotional. I rang back to lighter life and signed up. I figured, any money I was spending on food, I wouldn't be anymore and this is how I paid for it, weekly. (You are not allowed to buy more than a weeks worth at a time so it is fully controlled).

I had to wait a few days for my 'food packs' (shakes, soups & bars) to arrive, so I couldn't start until the Wednesday then my first telephone group was on Thursday. As I was the first member I was the only person to dial in with a councillor for about 8 weeks until another lady joined us.

In my first week alone I lost 12lbs! Results like that are totally unexpected, I had been struggling to even lose 1lb per week on previous diets.

Within the first 12 weeks, I had lost 4 stone! Just in time for my boyfriend and I to take a holiday to Portugal, our first one together after so many years. We had a great time. 

Portugal - September 2013
Not long after I got back from holiday I was preparing for my big goal trip to Dubai. I had been promising my best friend who went to live there for 4 years that I would visit. I never did, I was too embarrassed to go on the Plane, I knew I would struggle to find clothes to wear and the thought of going on the beach was making me feel sick.

Not now, I couldn't wait to go on my adventure.

Dubai - November 2013 
Dubai - November 2013
When I got back home after my amazing trip, it was winter and for the first time since I was 18 I could buy a coat on the high street. No special orders online, no buying 10 coats and returning every single one as it just didn't fit. I could have a coat from Topshop! (Infact I bought 3! Oops)

December 2013
After taking a few days off over christmas to enjoy some food, I found I was unable to eat even a quarter that I usually would over the festive period. No meat, no bread, small portions. I just felt really full, I couldn't wait to get back on my shakes.

My 30th birthday was approaching and I couldn't wait to celebrate with friends and family so I organised a party at my parents house. Some hadn't seen me since before I started dieting and I felt it was about time to stop hiding and enjoy myself.

March 2014
March 2014
Losing 8 stone affects your body in lots of ways and luckily I have been swimming throughout the year my body hasn't suffered too much. My feet have gone down from size 7 to a 6. I have gone from a UK dress size 26 to a size 16.

The best parts of losing weight? I have transferred my addiction to food, to shopping... eek! Both are costly habits but one is calorie free :-)

May 2014
Things I have learnt in the last 12 months?
  1. Be honest with yourself
  2. Stick to your goals - give 100% and you will get results
  3. Make small achievable goals to aim for and look forward to!
  4. Find a sport you enjoy
  5. Keep at least one piece of clothing to remember how you used to be
  6. Look at yourself in a full length mirror every day
  7. Buy stretchy trousers because its expensive to keep buying clothes that fit
A BIG thank you to all of my family and friends for supporting me through my weight loss journey so far.... I am not finished quite yet so I still need your help.

If you have any questions about Lighter Life, just tweet me @misskeveryday or email misskeveryday@hotmail.com or do what I did and phone them!

I will do a follow up post in a few months so I can tell you about more exciting results. Dubai is booked for October so that is my new goal to reach my ideal weight. 

Thank you for taking time out to celebrate my 1 year anniversary of making the best change I could have ever imagined.

Remember this top tip next time you want fast food > bad food = bad mood

Love Miss K xx
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  1. Wow wow wow!! Congratulations! I can only imagine how much will power that took. Such an amazing accomplishment. ♥


    1. Thank you for reading Emily. Will power I never thought I had, but did when I really needed it. :-)

  2. Well done Krissi. You are an inspiration. I have 10 stones to lose and have lost 2 of those stones in the past 5 weeks. Have had a bit of a wobbly this past week but your story has inspired me to keep going and some day have my story on here!!! Thanks

    1. Hi Frances, thank you for your lovely message. I have the same goal, and i think my best advise is, 1 stone at a time. When I lost 4 stone, I felt really good and it just encouraged me to keep going. I take pictures of the scales every week so i remember how far I have come. Good Luck! Tweet me @misskeveryday on your progress! :-)


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