28 May 2014

Review: Juice @Trinity, Leeds

It was a lovely summery day on Bank Holiday Monday and a healthy treat was in order!

My friend Annabel loves the Juice bar in Trinity, Leeds and when the words 'healthy' and 'pina colada' were mentioned, I was like we are totally going there!

However, when we got there, I was having a pinkberry moment and instantly requested the frozen yogurt (fat free!) instead of the juice I went for. Next time...

I got the frozen Kiwi fruit yogurt with a topping of dried coconut, yummy! I was expecting fresh fruit on the side but instead it was blended into the yogurt, soooooo nice!

Downside, there was no where to sit at Juice, but luckily trinity has some cute seating areas round the centre, so we just perched there for more gossiping.

My lovely friend Annabel
Can't believe its nearly June! Fingers crossed for more nice summer days!

What is your favourite Juice or frozen yogurt combo?

Love Miss K xx

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26 May 2014

Review : Black Horse @Beamish, County Durham

It was a special occasion on Saturday as it was my boyfriend's mum's birthday. She chose the venue called Black Horse at Beamish, County Durham. 

It is 5 minute drive from the Beamish Museum or approx 20 minutes drive from Durham City Centre.

It wasn't a very sunny but that didn't spoil the day, the pub was very nicely decorated inside with hand painted designs everywhere which I just loved...got me thinking maybe I need to find a space in my home for something similar. 

There was a good choice on the menu if you wanted a big meal, such as Sausage & Mash, Chicken wrapped in ham with fondant potato, Fish & Chips, Steak but it was quite limiting if you wanted just a salad or veggie dish.

After debating the Ploughman's (cheese & ham with pickle) selection and put on the spot when everyone else had ordered I went with the classic chicken caesar salad. 

It was really tasty and presented really nicely, I ordered the main course portion and it was very generous in size as I couldn't eat all of it. Luckily some others round the table were happy to help. It was made up of lovely crunchy cos lettuce, cold pan fried chicken, boiled eggs and chunky croutons.

It wasn't too busy so we felt like we could take our time and enjoy our lunch. 

Things I didn't like so much is that the toilets were outside (random) and I didn't realise this when I started following the signs so I was pretty cold by the time I got back to my seat. Plus the only music I heard while I was there was the Michael Jackson new album twice. But... if thats the only things I could find to complain about I will just remember to bring a cardigan next time.

We ordered some desserts, it would be rude not to see what they were like, I shared the salted caramel tart with pistachio ice cream with my boyfriends sister.

Others had the sticky toffee pudding and the little one had a strawberry cone.

selfie with the birthday girl 

Hope your having a lovely bank holiday weekend :-)

Love Miss K xx
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22 May 2014

Tesco Summer haul! #instahaul

Sometimes I can go into Tesco for a bag of salad and come out with a whole outfit.. eek!

Today was one of those days, I am a sucker for anything green, and I am looking for a few more key pieces for my holiday wardrobe. I had 2 things left on my list 1) a White Dress and 2) a smock Denim dress (fail so far.. all have been too short).

I discovered a lovely white broderie dress (similar), yummy green floral trousers and picked up a cropped black tshirt to go with.

I also picked up some lovely green sandals!

Can't wait for some nice weather now so I can wear them! It was summer yesterday but today it wasn't it rained most of the day... ! Welcome to British summertime!

Love Miss K xx
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18 May 2014

Topshop Summer haul! #instahaul

Yes, it's true I hit the shops again on Friday, the sun came out and the rumour of a lovely hot weekend, I panic shopped! No regrets.... these items are going to come in useful for my holidays and weekends during the nice weather I hope we get in the UK over the next few months.

FOTD with my Chanel shades today
Grey/lime jersey dress (similar) was a good price at £32 and I have been considering it for while, so I was pretty pleased there was one left yesterday when I popped into the Durham store. I wore this today but forgot to do OOTD! Promise to do one next time I wear it, I will post it on my Instagram.

Cute skirt : Topshop
I picked up this super cute skirt for £25 and I know it will go with a few tshirts I have already got but I saw this super cute cropped daisy top which I know will look lovely as the flowers along the bottom slightly overlaps the skirt :-)

Daisy Tee : Topshop

There is currently a sale on in Topshop (lol as if you hadn't heard after the bee drama in London yesterday, free advertising from mother nature) I picked up a cute drop waist dress now £15 which will come in handy for the beach while I am in Greece next month. Just a few bits, I love an #instahaul

Similar to red : Topshop

Asos delivery came today, so I will post a haul if they are keepers! 

Enjoy the weekend and lush weather!

Love Miss K xx
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15 May 2014

My Weekend in pictures! Part 3 - Fego caffe / Brunch!

Sundays are a great excuse for a lie in but its also a perfect day to take advantage of 'brunch' late brekkie or early lunch.. you decide.

As I was travelling back home mid afternoon Steph recommended this lovely cafe not too far from her house called Fego.

It was a good job we booked, looks like the word is out and it was queued out the door even at 11.30am. I love to queue jump :-)

There was a really good selection of the usual coffee choices, but there was also some yummy juices and milkshakes to go with your food. 

Flat White
Steph and I sampled the 'pash n shoot' juice (passionfruit, pineapple, mango & fresh orange juice) and Tom ordered the Strawberries & cream milkshake. Both were devine, fresh and yummy.

Next was the big task... what to choose from the amazing selection on the menu..the usual savoury breakfast choices were on there but we all decided to go for something different.

I opted for the 'Crunchy Nut French Toast' which was one slice of toast (I chose brown) which was coated in Cornflakes & oats then came with a side of fresh fruit and maple syrup! Sounds really naughty doesn't it? well I guess so I was pretty full for the rest of the day after that and one slice of toast is more than enough.

French Toast
Steph & Tom chose the same thing from the menu the 'Spicy scrambled eggs' which was soft scrambled eggs with jalapenos, avocado, cherry tomatoes, spinach, red onion, cheddar cheese and toasted ciabatta. 

Spicy Scrambled Eggs
We really enjoyed our food (empty plates say it all) and the atmosphere really had a buzz. Next time I am in the area, I would like to try out their evening menu.

What is the best place you have ever been to for breakfast and what did you have?

I had a super weekend. Now to start planning another adventure!

Love Miss K xx
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My Weekend in pictures! Part 2 - ASCOT!

After a busy Friday we were still ready for a lovely day at the races... 
Ascot count down was complete!

What a HUGE building Ascot is, it was like being in a shopping centre but all you could buy was Beer, Champagne and Pimms! 

Yes it is 2014 but the gate says differently
OOTD - Emergency back up accessories due to weather on the day, too windy for the fascinator and peep toed shoes I had in mind..

Luckily I was prepared as this always happens in Yorkshire and I had packed a few pairs of different shoes including my amazing new Silver pointed stiletto's.

Green Dress - Coast outlet @ York (only £35 was £110)
Navy Blazer - M&S
Statement Necklace  - Zara - gift from Suzanne
Silver Shoes - M&S inspired by Buy now / Blog Later 'Laura'
Perfume - Elie Saab Couture - gift from Bev 

I just love this perfume - thank you Bev!

Pre race parade area
We didn't go to make lots of pennies so we chose 1 horse each per race usually by their name we didn't even look at the odds oops.

At £2 a pop we were having fun selecting and placing on a bet. Most of the time they didn't even finish in the Top 3! I had luck on the final race with 'Moonraker' which came 1st odds were 9/2 so I only came out with £11 but I was pretty happy with that result :-)
Me & Steph in the grandstand hoping for a win
Changeable weather but didn't spoil the day at all 
I WON! I bet £2 and won £9 + £2 woop £11!
Followed by a night of Eurovision! What an amazing day!

Big Thank you for my friend Steph!!

Love Miss K xx
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14 May 2014

My Weekend in pictures! Part 1 - Windsor, Radio Rooftop Bar & STK

It's amazing what you can pack into a weekend so I am going to have to split it into different parts. I booked my travel back in January looking forward to a jam packed adventure and even had Ascot circled in my diary for 10th May! Woop! The count down had started.....

I arrived by 10.30am on Friday to be greeted by my beautiful friend Steph and her lovely boyfriend Tom. Steph and I have known each other for years we used to work together at Accessorize (we have lots of funny stories for you, maybe another time).

On the way back from the airport we stopped off in Windsor, I hadn't been here before. It was so british, beautiful, clean, historical and had an amazing choice of shops! Zara, Topshop, Whistles, French Connection, Bobbi Brown, Jo Malone...list goes on! I also visited a number of tourist shops of course its amazing what they sell in those (I came out empty handed).

We stopped for lunch at a lovely Restaurant called Bill's it reminded me of Carluccio's but with a greek themed menu.

I had Chicken Skewers which came with cous cous and tzatziki which was really fresh and tasty, Steph and Tom had the hamburger.


We then went back to Steph's to get ready before running for a train to head into London to go to the ME hotel.

Lovely evening in the city
View from Radio Rooftop Bar
We turned up at Radio bar entrance where we were went through a short tunnel to a Lift where we queued to go to the 10th floor, I didn't really know what to expect but it was really busy when we got up there at 7pm. Reading through the menu we quickly selected our cocktails, we tried the 'AM/FM' & 'ME loves'.

Next we headed back down in the lift where we had a table booked for dinner in the hotel restaurant STK.

STK has a really good reputation to be a celebrity haunt, mostly as it is new in London and has other branches in the world including LA, New York and Vegas (we didn't see any celebs). 

It would be wrong of us if we didn't choose Steak from the menu so we asked for the New York Strip Steak, some braver than others with our choice of delivery. We ordered a selection of sides to go with it to share we ordered too many as we were quite full quickly.

Brioche bread to share with amazing and fragrant chive dip
My well done New York Strip with STK house sauce
SIDES - Mac & Cheese, Sweet potato (herb crusted) & Truffle, parmesan chips
I have to be honest, I didn't finish my steak, I am pretty out of practice eating 2 meals in one day but we had rumour of an amazing dessert.... The Fairground Attraction! 

It was pretty hard to photograph as it was quite dark but it a lovely stand that looked like the London Eye, which housed 2 mini portions of Toffee apples, Marshmallows, Green candy floss, Hot chocolate milk and cinnamon donut balls.

Individually flavoured Marshmallows
Tiny toffee apples dressed up like a cherry
It was time to head to bed after dinner so we could be ready for Saturdays adventures at Ascot (Part 2 coming up soon)! 

Have you been to STK or Radio? What did you think?

Love Miss K xx
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5 May 2014

Create! Personalising my Converse!

I have been planning on doing this for a while, as I helped my friend Nicola do hers last year and I was going to do it to mine at the time but I fancied a new pair and then I forgot!

So today is a Bank Holiday, time to get round to those things you just never get time to do on weekends or evenings..

Here is how I did it and for only £3!

Take a pair of Converse or similar baseball type shoe with the white rubber on the toes.

Then go to your local haberdashery / google! and find some stick on diamantes and iron on patches or motifs. 

Then just start sticking them on, I went all the way round the white rubber area first then tried to do lines going left to right until I got to the smallest area until it was all covered.

Then once I had finished, it was time to iron on my 'K' patch.

I pre heated the iron then applied a wet cloth over the top of my patch then held the iron on top for 10 seconds then it was done! :-)

I have really enjoyed personalising my converse, it makes them individual and fun for weekend walks or riding on my bike... not told you all about my bike yet! 

This didn't take long (15 mins!) and I don't know how long the stickers will last but I do have some left over incase I lose some. Plus for £3 I can go buy some more or get different coloured ones.

Have you done this to your converse or decorated something else that was fun, quick and easy?

Love Miss K xx
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