10 April 2014

Topshop Mint Coat - Spring is here!!

I have been on the search for the last few weeks for a spring coat. I originally bought the classic beige mac from ASOS, but it didn't really suit me, however the styling of the coat was beautiful and the button detail made it seem more luxury than the less than £60 price tag.

After sending this back, I considered the smart jackets from Zara, yellow, white, mint, powder blue... arghhhhhh what goes with everything? Mint!!

I decided this was the way forward, I had seen Tanya Burr sporting a mint coat a few weeks earlier on her blog and thought maybe this could be the one.

Sold out online, could not even find it on the site, I had to google.

Good thing about Topshop online is the ability to search stock levels in stores by size, so I checked local branches where I knew friends or willing family members could go and collect if I saved it. Leeds Trinity was showing to have one, but after a half hearted search by sales staff no joy :-( Newcastle Eldon Square said the same. I know from my years in retail that the system should be up to date for stock levels so merchandisers to send stock to stores.... I know this coat had to be in the store somewhere.

Desperate shoppers don't believe sales assistants, I don't know if you feel the same.. so after work yesterday I went to Newcastle in search of 'the coat'.

I went to where I thought it would be located on the shop floor, and there was a few sizes of the coat but not my size but don't get me wrong, I would have bought a diff size just to own the coat.. weird I know! 

If I was a lonely mint coat, where would I live? Of course next stop was the  'Buy it now regret it later' rail! RESULT!!!!!!!! There it was. I went straight to the closest mirror throwing my beloved Mulbs to the floor. It fitted perfectly. Before I knew it, it was purchased and in a carrier bag! :-)

'The Coat' got its first outing today so I got my friend Amy to take my OOTD photo today while on my lunch break so you could see!

What is your spring staple? I think this is the start of my Mint green obsession!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Love Miss K xx
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