17 April 2014

Monica Vinader Jewellery - LOVE!

My love for Monica Vinader jewellery goes years back but was always too expensive for a treat to myself. Battered rings, unique shapes, colourful gems and stones, use of different metals ticks all the boxes for me.

When looking for the perfect 30th gift Monica was definitely on my wish list.

My search started for a green ring, emeralds are expensive and I was after more of a dress ring that made a statement than sparkle. Enter Monica's Green Onyx! 

I was lucky enough to get more than one special ring, my boyfriend also bought me a ring and bracelet which was engraved completing my collection.... 

Siren Stacking Ring, Baja Square Ring and Friendship bracelet
I got some lovely and generous gifts for my birthday, friends and family are so kind but there was one particular gift that really touched my heart. 

Natalie and I knew each other before we were born (if that is possible)! Our mothers were friends on the bus a couple of years before we arrived, they used to talk on their way to work. Natalie went on to be born within a few days after me and our mums saw each other in the hospital when she arrived. 

My mum stopped getting on the bus as she had moved to a nearby village, so I didn't meet Natalie again until I was 4 at nursery school, then again 12 years later at high school. 

Since high school Natalie and I have been good friends and we lived together at university for 3 years. Now we are working and have our own homes, we try to meet up as often as we can. Natalie is married now and has a super cute little boy called Noah. 

It's great to have friends you have known forever, they love you no matter what and you end up feeling more like sisters than friends. You get to see them grow - engagement, wedding, baby shower and being a mum.

Natalie made me cry when she arrived at my birthday party with such a generous and unexpected gift!

 'How do you know I love Monica?'

Isn't it just fabulous? and engraved with my blog name was a lovely surprise and thought, not to mention the 3-0 on the cord. Natalie told me she had spent ages looking for the perfect gift for me.. how lovely is that!

I wear this everyday with my other birthday treats from Monica's I just feel so lucky.

Thank you Natalie for being so generous and such a good friend all these years!!

Me and Natalie at my birthday party having some punch!
Hope you don't mind the personal story today, its just so nice to be surrounded by such kind and beautiful people and now jewellery!

Have a lovely Thursday.

Love Miss K xx
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