25 April 2014

#100happydays update - up to day34 / Instagram

It has been 4 weeks since I started on my #100happydays challenge. 

If I had wrote this update last Friday I think it would have gone a little differently. 

But now I am struggling.... It is hard to show what makes you happy on a daily basis in a photo. My friends & family make me smile or chuckle all the time but i am not going to be able to capture that.

So I am I going to keep going? Yes.... but I am going to have to start thinking what makes me happy and be able to convert that into an image. 

As you know I shop on a daily basis and this usually ends up being a post either on here or Instagram, I have also been trying a few new things like gardening (didn't see that coming) or new coffee flavours in Starbucks and Costa. Surely I can take pictures of something else. Instagram was easy when it was just for fun.

Here are a few pics of things that have been posting on my Instagram during the last 34 days.

My Lighter life journey over the last 11 months
Hazelnut coffee @Starbucks
Courgettes in my veggie patch
This cute fella from Paperchase never fails to get a smile out of me

Follow me @misskeveryday to keep up to date on the rest of my journey.

Have you tried #100happydays, did you complete it?

Have a good weekend!

Love Miss K xx

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21 April 2014

Haul! Topshop, Victoria's Secret & Whistles

I have been shopping again... got a few bargains in the shops this week, but some full price too.

I have got a few occasions coming up in May that are in the back of my mind when I am out shopping, Ascot being a major outfit challenge in my calendar, an evening wedding do. Plus I am still counting down to my holiday just over a month to go!   

I always had visions of a capsule wardrobe for each season of only 10 key items to carry me through but due to my shopping addiction I can't seem to stop! eek!

I hit Topshop and found these cute Black Sandals which were not a bad price at £22. They will go with most outfits so I am sure I will get my wear out of them. I do love shoes! With my feet shrinking down a size since last summer I am enjoying buying all new ones!

I have been looking for a yellow tshirt for a while, there has been a lot of neon about and I wanted more of a lemon citrus colour to brighten up my day. I found this one while in Topshop and it will be a great staple for my wardrobe over spring/summer. Let me know if you see anymore cute yellow tops in the shops I will need more than one!

Victoria's Secret 
VS was running a promotion in March with every purchase you got a £10+ off your next one. I chose this palm vest top was not bad at £22 but with the voucher it got it down to £12! 

I am going to save this one until holiday, its not too cropped but the arm holes are quite long so it will be good with swimwear or with a bandeau top underneath.

Beach Shopper £8.50 instead of £19.50
I also picked up this large bright green shopper shopper! Perfect for holidays with plenty of room for my creams, towel and stack of magazines for being on the beach or lounging round the pool. It is just cotton but not a bad price for the size.

Sale continues signs on the windows got me into Whistles while in York, I spotted this Green Clutch / pouch for £35 instead of £55. I have been wanting one of these clutches for a while but couldn't really justify the £55 / £75 price tag as I don't really need another bag. But when I saw this one in the sale last week it was a must have! I will let you know when it gets its first outing.

I wasn't really looking for another coat after tracking down my mint coat a few weeks ago. But this Mac Coat at £49 instead of £129 was too good to leave behind. I have no idea why the outlet store was selling this coat so heavily discounted as it is still full price online. It is quite a structured fabric with a belt and lovely engraved buttons.

Liz Earle  
QVC have recently been celebrating 18 years of Liz Earle and they did a demo of this brightening face mask. I am already a huge fan of the famous cleanse & polish, moisturiser and spray toner, so I thought it would be good to give this a try. As the cleanse & polish does over a few days it makes your face shine with a healthy glow. This mask when applied once or twice a week will do the same job instantly. I will let you know how I get on when I try it this week.

Thats all my shopping for this week. However, after following Kate Middleton's fashion wardrobe while she has been on tour in Australia & New Zealand I now have a new shopping list. BBC News Online have made a great collection of her outfits and which designer they are by etc.  Or my other favourite is What Kate Wore who always post up photos and links to her clothes.

I read a biography about Kate Middleton in September and since then I have really looked at Kate in a different way, she is genuine and really cares about people. After reading the stories in the book knowing how hard Kate had work to make her relationship with William a success after so many challenges. If you are looking for a summer read, I can recommend - Kate: The Biography by Marcia Moody available from amazon.

What have you been buying recently? 

Love Miss K xx
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18 April 2014

Frogs & Friends = Bank Holiday weekend fun!

What have you been up to this lovely easter weekend?  Clear blue skies and warm sunshine is all the ingredients you need for a bank holiday!

On Thursday in York with my mum shopping (haul coming up!) then I popped to Betty's to get a treat for my friend Natalie and I to have with our coffee on Friday...

Coffee and Bettys Cake Box (Lovely flowers from Natalie)
Mr Frog
Marzipan exterior with vanilla cake & butter cream filling
We then took Natalie's son for a little walk to the park and we played on the swings, its got to be at least 12 years since I last went on the swings.. photo opportunity missed... I got scooted off by some kids! lol

Have a lovely Easter Weekend!

Love Miss K xx
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17 April 2014

Monica Vinader Jewellery - LOVE!

My love for Monica Vinader jewellery goes years back but was always too expensive for a treat to myself. Battered rings, unique shapes, colourful gems and stones, use of different metals ticks all the boxes for me.

When looking for the perfect 30th gift Monica was definitely on my wish list.

My search started for a green ring, emeralds are expensive and I was after more of a dress ring that made a statement than sparkle. Enter Monica's Green Onyx! 

I was lucky enough to get more than one special ring, my boyfriend also bought me a ring and bracelet which was engraved completing my collection.... 

Siren Stacking Ring, Baja Square Ring and Friendship bracelet
I got some lovely and generous gifts for my birthday, friends and family are so kind but there was one particular gift that really touched my heart. 

Natalie and I knew each other before we were born (if that is possible)! Our mothers were friends on the bus a couple of years before we arrived, they used to talk on their way to work. Natalie went on to be born within a few days after me and our mums saw each other in the hospital when she arrived. 

My mum stopped getting on the bus as she had moved to a nearby village, so I didn't meet Natalie again until I was 4 at nursery school, then again 12 years later at high school. 

Since high school Natalie and I have been good friends and we lived together at university for 3 years. Now we are working and have our own homes, we try to meet up as often as we can. Natalie is married now and has a super cute little boy called Noah. 

It's great to have friends you have known forever, they love you no matter what and you end up feeling more like sisters than friends. You get to see them grow - engagement, wedding, baby shower and being a mum.

Natalie made me cry when she arrived at my birthday party with such a generous and unexpected gift!

 'How do you know I love Monica?'

Isn't it just fabulous? and engraved with my blog name was a lovely surprise and thought, not to mention the 3-0 on the cord. Natalie told me she had spent ages looking for the perfect gift for me.. how lovely is that!

I wear this everyday with my other birthday treats from Monica's I just feel so lucky.

Thank you Natalie for being so generous and such a good friend all these years!!

Me and Natalie at my birthday party having some punch!
Hope you don't mind the personal story today, its just so nice to be surrounded by such kind and beautiful people and now jewellery!

Have a lovely Thursday.

Love Miss K xx
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16 April 2014

Miss K's Herb & Veg patch Day 1 #misskvegherbpatch

It has always been a bit of a pipe dream to have my own fresh herb and home-grown vegetable patch. Over the last 12 months I have been re-educating my brain about being healthy and the importance of a fresh produce in my new lifestyle. By doing this I will be able to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of my life.

I read in Stylist magazine last week (available free every week on iPad 'Newsstand') that there was a new show starting on BBC2 'The Big Allotment Challenge' I watched it last night, it wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be, but I will keep watching. I thought it would be more about 'How To start your own allotment'... instead it was teams against each other set challenges using their produces from their allotments making Jams, Flower arrangements and best in show vegetables.

Read some reviews here - Guardian Independent Mirror

Compost for Veg growing

Cos Lettuce, Shallot onions, Rocket
Herb trough - Garlic, Celery leaf, Thyme, coriander 

I will keep you posted on progress or you can follow me on Instagram @misskeveryday or #misskvegherbpatch I still have more to plant from seeds instead of plants but I have to start those indoors first, they will take longer too so I will do another post about this in a few weeks. 

Seeds from Wilkinsons 3 for 2
Have you tried making a herb or veg patch before? Do you have any top tips for me?

Love Miss K xx
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13 April 2014

Lets Cook! Easter on a diet....

Easter when on a diet is never a good combination.  Yes you can indulge with a few chocolates but if you want to celebrate easter without chocolate what else is there to eat?

Eggs of course!

Boiled, Fried, Poached, Scrambled... 

I am currently on a high protein eating plan as part of my diet and sometimes when I crave something off plan I turn to eggs.

Usually Scrambled as I can get away without having to pair it with a slice of yummy buttery toast with it.

This is my recipe - 2 eggs, splash of milk and knob of butter (optional) then use a fork to mix it up and then I put it in the microwave for 2 minutes then give it another stir then  microwave for 1 more minute, then serve with a good twist salt & pepper.

If you are buying chocolate for gifts for those who aren't dieting.... here are a few suggestions I have found for my family - 

Lindt Maxi Carrot £15, Lindt Bunny £5, Lindt Bunny soft toy with 3 mini £10 

Lindt Maxi Carrot available from Tesco

This will keep my family busy for a while 25 chocolates inside

One for the boys, Lion retro box, with egg and 2 lion bars

Hope you have a lovely easter, have a chocolate for me!

This is my easter treat from Mr P with zero calories - 

Jelly Cat - Bashful Bunny

Love Miss K xx
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10 April 2014

Topshop Mint Coat - Spring is here!!

I have been on the search for the last few weeks for a spring coat. I originally bought the classic beige mac from ASOS, but it didn't really suit me, however the styling of the coat was beautiful and the button detail made it seem more luxury than the less than £60 price tag.

After sending this back, I considered the smart jackets from Zara, yellow, white, mint, powder blue... arghhhhhh what goes with everything? Mint!!

I decided this was the way forward, I had seen Tanya Burr sporting a mint coat a few weeks earlier on her blog and thought maybe this could be the one.

Sold out online, could not even find it on the site, I had to google.

Good thing about Topshop online is the ability to search stock levels in stores by size, so I checked local branches where I knew friends or willing family members could go and collect if I saved it. Leeds Trinity was showing to have one, but after a half hearted search by sales staff no joy :-( Newcastle Eldon Square said the same. I know from my years in retail that the system should be up to date for stock levels so merchandisers to send stock to stores.... I know this coat had to be in the store somewhere.

Desperate shoppers don't believe sales assistants, I don't know if you feel the same.. so after work yesterday I went to Newcastle in search of 'the coat'.

I went to where I thought it would be located on the shop floor, and there was a few sizes of the coat but not my size but don't get me wrong, I would have bought a diff size just to own the coat.. weird I know! 

If I was a lonely mint coat, where would I live? Of course next stop was the  'Buy it now regret it later' rail! RESULT!!!!!!!! There it was. I went straight to the closest mirror throwing my beloved Mulbs to the floor. It fitted perfectly. Before I knew it, it was purchased and in a carrier bag! :-)

'The Coat' got its first outing today so I got my friend Amy to take my OOTD photo today while on my lunch break so you could see!

What is your spring staple? I think this is the start of my Mint green obsession!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Love Miss K xx
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5 April 2014

Sale & Full price haul - Vince Camuto, Warehouse & Oasis

I have been away this week with work so I've not been near the shops so last night suffering from withdrawal I decided to hit the sales for a few hours.

My mum had told me there was a good shoe sale on at House of Fraser so I headed for here first. Not sure what I was looking for but I knew I had a gap in my shoe wardrobe for a smart pair of heels. My feet have shrunk while I have been dieting so I have been looking for a new pair.

Vince Camuto is not a brand I have ever looked at before. Vince is linked to Nine West which is known for its expensive but classic shoes for ladies so I thought I would take a look while they were reduced.

I tried on a lovely pair of heels 'Zella' and they fitted perfectly I felt like cinderella! Reduced from £100 to £45 then when I handed my card over to pay they were only £39!That's an amazing saving for shoes made of lovely soft leather. 

They have a slight platform but not too high and perfect for meetings or evenings out. 

I also purchased a top from the Oasis sale reduced from £32 to £15. Faux Leather tshirt with zip detail on the back.

I am still counting down to my holiday just over 50 days to go so I also bought a cute jersey jumpsuit from Warehouse £42 - Only complaint with this is that you have to step into it and the neck is not that wide so hoping it won't make this misshapen. But I love the print lots so still considering a top in the same print but it was in scuba which I am not sure how wearable that is when its hot.

Still looking for a cute mac coat or light smart jacket for spring/summer. I will keep you posted when I have found something.

I ordered a cute classic mac in beige from Asos which had beautiful detail and fitted lovely but it wasn't the right colour for me, so I am considering reordering now they have more colours available.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love Miss K xx
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