30 March 2014

Happy Mothers day! I think mine is pretty special..

I am not a mum myself but I hope one day I might be.

Yesterday I went to a party with my mums work colleagues as my mum has decided to retire at the age of 62. 

My mum is pretty special to me, of course I would think that she is my mum.

But.. when you hear 23 people say I love your mum, she really is one in a million, you know your in the company of someone special.

1990 - me & my mum - maybe why I love red & pink together!
My mum is like my best friend, she is always there for me and she listens to my news whether its happy or sad. We talk everyday and we are always planning our next adventure. I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with her and getting lots more photos.

2013 - At the beginning of my weight loss journey
2014 - On my 30th Birthday

2014 - At my mums retirement do
It is easy to assume that people in your life know you love them, but just for this one day even if it is out of your comfort zone you should tell your mum that she is really special and life wouldn't be the same without them and you feel really lucky to be sharing your day with them. 

My mum misses her mum every single day. We talk about all the good times she had with her and we look at photos to remind ourselves how beautiful she was.

Me and my mums mum 1989

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there, mine is pretty special and I feel really lucky to have someone like her as my best friend.

Love Miss K xx
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24 March 2014

Tried and tested Body Shop shower gels!

I was devastated when my Victoria's Secret body wash ran out last month, without a store nearby I had to find a suitable replacement. Then.....I remembered my love of Body Shop shower gels!

Body Shop shower gel is quite expensive individually compared to other brands but if you can get an offer I always find myself buying more than 1 item and I am never disappointed and I remind myself how much I love their products.

(L-R) Satsuma, Blueberry, Pink Grapefruit & Mango - All £4 each 

It was buy one get one half price when I dropped into my local store. I start smelling all the flavours looking for a new favourite. I had already tried Satsuma so I already put this in my basket, then all I had to do is just choose another 1 to get the offer!

I spent £12 on 4 bottles but this is the same price as 1 from Victoria's secret. It is a comparable quality and features and overall it does feel like a premium product.

Blueberry Shower gel is a special edition at the moment it is the least favourite of the 4 I bought, but I think its because it is a bit more unisex and more fresh in flavour than the others.

What is so good about Body Shop shower gels? 
> Strong yummy authentic fruity scent with all flavours 
> They fill the room with strong fragrance even after you step out of the shower 
> Long lasting on the skin so you can smell it on your skin afterwards

I have just spied on the website they do Passion Fruit flavour so I might need to go and purchase to add to my collection.

What is your favourite body shop body wash?

Love Miss K xx
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16 March 2014

Lane7 - Boutique Bowling @Newcastle UK review

I can't wait to tell you about my boutique bowling experience yesterday at a new place in Newcastle called Lane7

My friend Caroline spied this place and thought it would be totally up my street for a birthday outing. I googled then immediately rang and booked it! The venue advised that it books up really fast and we had to pay in advance.

With that in mind and not knowing anyone who had been I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Well I wasn't disappointed the place was great!

Split over two floors there is a total of 8 bowling alleys, Pool Tables, Table Tennis, Karaoke Booth and Bar area / Diner.

There was 16 of us in total spread over 3 lanes and it took approx 1 hour to play one game. 

It cost £7.50 including trendy shoe hire, everyone really didn't mind wearing these borrowed shoes.

After bowling we went downstairs to the bar area and we were able to sit comfy on a long table with bar stools and the food came out really quick and was not over priced. The bar menu was a selection from the full menu on offer as there was a diner on the same floor, but we decided just to have snacks. 

There were a selection of food I expected to see Veggie, Cheese or Chicken Burgers, Pulled Pork Sandwich & Hot Dogs or the snacks listed were popcorn, Potato or Sweet potato Fries & Corn Dogs. This was just a selection of the snacks a couple of us shared. I had never tried a corn dog and I really surprised how nice it was.

Only things I was disappointed with - 
Felt a bit rushed as we only had 1 hour to play. 
Only allowed to book for 1 game even though I booked and paid so far ahead.
Bar upstairs seemed understaffed. 

Apart from that I think its a great venue for parties or a cool night out with friends. 

I will be going back soon as I really enjoyed it and I need some more bowling practice, I didn't win :-(

Have a lovely Sunday!

Love Miss K xx

(Thanks Miss Amy for posing for my Blog review)

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