29 December 2014

Obsessed with Pyjamas!

I am now fully stocked up on pyjamas (pjs) from christmas pressies and the ones I had picked up in the sales on Saturday.

On a daily basis I am told I now own too many pairs. But there is a story as to why this has happened and my collection is growing so large. 

Before I lost weight being a size 26 was impossible for fashionable items at affordable prices. I usually had two pair's of black bottoms and just wore them with over sized t-shirts for bed. This was the case for as long as I can remember. I am now making up for lost time...

Here are my latest additions to my wardrobe -
I picked up 2 pairs of Victoria's Secret pjs - These sets were part of the christmas offering at VS they were really expensive at £46.00 for what they were. You get a top, bottom and matching eye mask. I picked them up in 2 prints in the sale 50% discount, one is quite festive but they are a lovely fit so we may need to roll xmas into the new year.

VS PJ in sale from £46 to £23
VS PJ in sale from £46 to £23

Marks and Spencer Square Bear twosie - I have had my eye on this lovely set for most of winter, they were £30 but they are slightly novelty. When there was a 30% off day in December I ordered a pair online as I didn't want to risk not being able to find any in the sales. These are my favourite as they are so cosy, how cute is the bear?!

Nixipixi1 has the same pair
Sainburys Festive bottoms and instead of the matching hoody in the image I got a fluffy red jumper to stay warm and cosy.

Sainsburys Pj's are always affordable

Marks and Spencer white with red stars - I saw these and I thought it would they would be handy to match up to other items in my collection they are also fleecy so they are super warm too.


Hope you all have a good collection of pjs too, I can't believe I wasted so much time in boring nightwear and it is now such a bonus to be able to wear clothes from nice shops on the high street.

Enjoy the rest of the festive season and stay warm and cosy!

Love Miss K xx
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26 December 2014

Lush Festive specials part 1

Just a quick post to tell you about some of the festive Lush specials I have been relaxing in over the last few weeks. I still have a Melting Snowman and my favourite Golden Wonder I haven't tried yet. I will update you on these in part 2.

Dashing Santa
The christmas specials are most likely in the sale now at Lush, but I am not sure I will be buying another Dashing Santa. 

He looks very festive but unfortunately full of disappointment. He did make the bath water red but there just wasn't much fragrance unlike other treats I have had from Lush recently.

Good job Butterbear game to the rescue... He might be small but melted into a lovely lemon oil. Thanks Mr Bear for making me have lovely soft skin.

Part 2 coming up soon.

Love Miss K xx
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20 December 2014

Review! Bill's - New restaurant arrives in Durham

There is a new restaurant in town (Durham City)....Bill's.

I had been to Bill's before when I visited Windsor in May. So when I heard Bill's was coming to town I couldn't wait to go. It opened last Monday (15th) so me and my friends booked and went Tuesday lunch time for a girlie christmas dinner.  It looked like it had been open for ages, it was jammed packed at 12.30 there was no waiting time on ordering or getting food. Pair that with great service equals a pretty perfect customer experience to me. 

I had the french pink soda which arrived with fresh strawberries which was a nice touch. 

Left over food on your plate? Bag it up and take it away.

The interior is shabby chic with beautiful lighting and mirrors. The menu is mediterranean influenced but some foods have a twist on what you would expect.   

Miss A had the same as me
I chose the Mac & Cheese from the menu which came with cubes of butternut squash, spinach then topped with pumpkin seeds & rocket. I love mac and cheese and it was nice to try it in this way, the combination worked well except the butternut squash was a little undercooked for my liking but I will let them off it had only been open a day. 

Sweet Potato Fries - AMAZINGGGG!

Mrs L had the Fish Finger sandwich
Mrs J had the Halloumi burger

Miss BW had the mezze but we all helped her out
Mrs D had Beef burger with bacon

Bill's lived up to the first impression I had earlier in the year, and I will be heading back next week with more friends. It will definitely be my first choice for a location for brunch or meals out in Durham going forward. It's so nice to have somewhere new to go especially when it had such a lovely atmosphere. 

I had a celebration when Zizzi came to town so all we need now is Bagel Nash and Tim Horton's and I will be a happy lady.

What is your usual at Bill's? 

Love Miss K xx
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14 December 2014

My Little Box - By Fleur de Force | December

I am a newbie to My Little Box which launched in September this year in the UK. Already hugely successful in France with 80k followers. I had been checking Instagram for updates on the couple of boxes before I eventually subscribed. 

My social media friend Hayley got a beautiful box from Diane Von Furstenberg in October and I missed out on beautiful scarf! I thought I best subscribe quick!

The Fleur de Force box is my second box, I will do a follow up post on Novembers incase you want to see what that contained. Fleur is one of my favourite bloggers and you tubers. She is very professional and is quite picky with who she collaborates with. 

How much is it? Pay monthly of £11 plus postal charge.

Whats in it? It's different from Birchbox and Beauty box and has more than beauty items inside (i.e. bit of everything plus a hint of creative).

What age range is it for? I think all ages from teenager to adult. If something is not your taste I am sure a friend will take it off your hands. 

Within the monthly magazine there are some lifestyle articles plus ways to use the items inside the box with some quick and easy baking ideas or this month make your own personalised tea light holder.

What I like most is the illustrations and variety of contents. In this box there were cute gift tags and string plus stickers for packing up those special christmas gifts.

As an individual package was a cute black sparkle headband that would suit most ladies and keep your ears warm. (I think there is a few colours available but you don't get to pick).

Inside a little cotton gift bag were the beauty specials this month - L Occitane face cream, a beautiful orangey red lipstick perfect for Christmas day plus some Cowshed body lotion.

If you are wanting a little treat each month and it is always beautifully packaged, I would definitely recommend trying out My Little Box in the new year. There is always a different theme and its something to look forward to and more than £11 worth inside.

Love Miss K xx
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12 December 2014

Review! The Trout Inn, Oxford

With my job I travel to areas of the UK I wouldn't normally get to see. For the second time in a month I have found myself in Oxford yet I still didn't get to visit the designer outlet, Bicester. I will have to arrange a visit early in the new year for a weekend so I can go to Blenheim Palace and to the discount shops! But..from what I have seen Oxfordshire looks very pretty.

One night this week I was staying over and a colleague knew of this local gastro pub to go for a meal. We visited The Trout Inn in a near by village called Wolvercote and it was so lovely and welcoming on a cold December evening. It was dark so I didn't get to witness the river thames view which is a highlight of the location.

We sat in the main restaurant as the pub is quite large and there was alot of variety and rooms to choose from. But it was nice to be in the heart of the atmosphere.

There was a festive menu on offer but I opted for the usual menu and there was alot of choice of fish and vegetarian dishes on offer.

For my starter I chose Red Pepper and Tomato soup which was very tasty, and has inspired me to maybe try and make some this weekend.

Then for my main course I Gnocchi which came with sweet potato and balsamic onions. It was topped with goat's cheese as it was quite strong but wasn't really to my taste but I really enjoyed the rest. 

Twice cooked chips were really yummy
Unfortunately there was no room from dessert and from what I have seen on instagram, I missed out on some yummy creme brûlée :-(

I will definitely return back to the trout as the food and service was really outstanding and affordable. 

Hope your having some nice food this weekend.

Love Miss K xx
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30 November 2014

Seagrill on 25, On the Palm, Dubai (Beach Clubs pt2)

After hearing alot about the Fairmont's newest beach club, Seagrill on 25 I made reservations before flying out to Dubai. But..I didn't need to when we got there it was only 1/4 occupied but it was such a beautiful location this just made it better. We visited on a sunday and paid 200dhs entry which included some refreshments and use of towels, beds etc.

Miss S and I caught a Taxi to the Fairmont Hotel (On the Palm) and to get to the beach clubs we went through the main entrance of the beautiful luxe hotel.  Surrounded by flowers and grand chandeliers, we felt a little underdressed in our beach outfits (even though we were highly fashionable). 

After walking down a few flights of stairs we reached the beach. 

WOW! Such an amazing view welcomed us.

We were given the choice of where we wanted to sit and then we were provided with towels and water, then a shot of lemon and mint pressed juice (instant yumminess) and a selection of fruit.

Refreshing shot of mint & lemon juice
Selection of melon & pineapple for a snack
Views of the palm
The beach club is an extension of a beautiful fish seagrill restaurant which unfortunately we didn't have time to sample but I would recommend this location for anyone who is looking for a relaxing day where it is quiet, amazing views and promises of amazing food. Over lunchtime the restaurant was very full so the word is definitely out. 

On a day when you didn't want to spend money on a beach club there is the public beaches but it isn't a luxury experience and the views aren't as good but if you are on a budget they are very clean and you can rent beds and parasols for low prices (less than £10).

If you haven't been to Dubai I can highly recommend it, it's so clean and it doesn't matter where you go the service is impeccable. There is something for all ages and tastes. You can have a great adventure even on minimal money if you want to and of course there are plenty of places to splurge too.

It has been 1 year since I went to Dubai and it has changed so much during that time, there are new buildings and even more under construction which will change the place again. Dubai Pearl (palm) and Crystal buildings (marina) which are sponsored by Swarovski crystal which I am sure will look amazing.

Let me know where your favourite spot is in Dubai and I will pop it on my to do list for next time.

I can't believe all my Dubai adventure posts have now come to an end. Thank you if you have been reading them. 

Love Miss K xx
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29 November 2014

Meydan Beach Club, Dubai (Beach Clubs pt1)

My posts from my holidays to Dubai are nearly over, just 2 reviews of beach clubs I went to then it will be time to start planning my next adventure! It's hard to believe its 5 weeks since I came back from Dubai and it would be good to be chilling in the sun right now when it is so cold outside in the UK.

Welcome to Meydan Beach in Dubai Marina....

Miss S & I loved this place so much we went twice, it was 150dhs 
but you were able to use the beach and pools all day. We were provided with some refreshments and towels.

There was a dj playing dance music throughout the day and waiter service. The place was busy on both the Wednesday and Monday that we went. I remember seeing this venue before as it was in a boohoo advert in the summer.

Get there at lunchtime if you want to choose your seat, we were lucky to get a space next to the pool and floating beds on both occasions.

Coconuts were yummy and refreshing as a lunch break.

Chilling by the pool in the city, and it is next to sky dive Dubai so you get to watch the high volumes of skydivers coming down every 15 minutes (rather them than me!).

I can recommend going to Meydan Beach club if you are looking for somewhere relaxing and upbeat so spend your day by the pool.

Love Miss K xx
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16 November 2014

Neos @The Address Downtown, Dubai

Dubai is a place that is constantly changing and new places to go to. Which means you can always go somewhere different and be really impressed with the view during the day from the beach or at night from somewhere really fancy.

When you are with someone in the 'know' you get to go to places off the map and lucky for me Miss B is that person!

Downtown Dubai is dominated by the Burj Khalifa (Tallest building in the world) and at the foot of it is the dancing fountains, Souk Al Bahar and the Dubai Mall.
Due to the restrictions of alcohol you have to head to a hotel for a cocktail and opposite the Burj is The Address, Downtown.

Rare treat of day time fountains
Next to the Dubai Mall
Hiding on the 63rd floor through a secret entrance in the car park is the lift that will take you to Neo's.

Compulsory lift piccy
As I make everyone pose for the lift photo, Miss B tells me to hurry up as the lift opens straight onto the bar... 

What a beautiful bar it was with decorative lighting and a wall of windows and luxury seating.

We arrived just before 10pm and lucky for us there was a table next to the window which gave us amazing city views and a birds eye view of the dancing fountains.

I have an eye for detail and that includes finishing touches to cocktails and cocktail menu's which had little quotes - 

Before Midnight Cocktails - "Don't run away yet Cinderella, the only glass in our fairytale is the one in front of you, no slipper involved".

Enjoying my Espresso Martini

Cosmo, Espresso Martini & Level 63 Martini
Titan Martini, Level 63 & What did you have Miss B?
Miss S, Miss B & Miss K

We had a great time at Neo's and the complimentary nuts were really yummy too!

Love Miss K xx
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