18 February 2017

Fashion | Aurora London - The Gigi Bag

Today's post is a bag review of The Gigi from Aurora London, after featuring it a few times on my instagram I have been asked for more details, such as how much, whats the leather like etc. 

I discovered the brand Aurora via instagram by a blogger called 'the fashion lift'  she had the Willow clutch in a maroon colour which firstly caught my eye but then it was the fact it had gold initial monogramming, I had to take a look.. was it affordable, what other bags were available to have initials on? 

I decided the larger bag  of the two, Gigi was the one for me. Maroon was out of stock so I considered other colours, like the beautiful bright red

Buying a red bag is not something I would do often, as I am a sucker for black, but I have plenty of black bags and decided this would be a good addition to my wardrobe all year round.

I think the in past I have assumed that red is a festive colour, or something you will pull out for a valentines date but I think this juicy red colour has scope to rock in the summer months too.  

The bag is a cute size, with room for the essentials and a bit more.

The leather is very soft and I love the red tassel accessory on the side. 

But....this style might even seem a little familiar......and you would be right!

Bloggers are all buying one bag at the moment from Gucci called the soho disco bag in a ray of colours and on closer inspection, the shape of this bag plus the tassel makes it a great dupe (copy). 

Gucci is priced at £715 compared to the Aurora which is £85 plus £20 for optional monogramming. I think this bag is a great price and a good investment - even if you opt for it in classic black. It is a style that is useful for day or night and isn't going to go out of fashion.

I monitor the stock on Aurora, as bags sell out pretty fast if featured on their instagram. I hope they add more bag choices as there is currently only 2 sizes of bag available. 

Let me know what your favourite bag is right now in the comments or on my instagram - @misskeveryday

Love Miss K xx
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4 February 2017

Food | Manchester Smokehouse and Cellar

After a break from blogging, it's time to get back to work and start writing again..New Year means New Goals, number one on my list for 2017 is to finally I live a lifestyle I am happy with. 

One where I can make food choices without feeling guilty. Plus this will be a year where I find a sport I enjoy and can easily incorporate into my routine! 

Before it gets all healthy over here, here is some non diet food from the Manchester Smokehouse & Cellar!

My friend Natalie and I headed to Manchester in December and we were on a mission to shop and indulge in some yummy food. Natalie's husband made a suggestion of the Smokehouse. We hadn't heard of before so we thought why not! It was only a 2 minute walk from the shops so it was perfect. 

We didn't book in advance and it was pretty busy in there considering plus it was a Saturday but we were able to get seated straight away, no problems.

The menu was pretty huge and we would have loved to have had 3 courses each but that just wasn't going to happen. We decided to share a starter then have a main course each, with the hope of sharing a dessert. 

For starters we had these awesome nachos they wood fired with loads of toppings they were so good and went perfectly with a glass of prosecco. 

For mains we both decided to go for a burger, I opted for the Korean Fried Chicken with a side of sweet potato fries. Natalie went for the Big Mac Stack which was a burger with mac n cheese topping with a side of normal fries. 

After our delicious burgers, we had to call it a day. There was no room to sample the newly launched dessert menu. We were gutted. But just more reasons to go back. 

If you are looking for a great place for a weekend treat with the family, or even a date night for 2.. it's nearly Valentines!! I can really recommend heading to Manchester Smokehouse for some yummy food and copper interiors.

Love Miss K xx
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20 December 2016

TECH | HP Sprocket - smart phone printer

As a photo taking addict, I decided I wanted purchase a small printer just for snapshots I could pin up on my inspo board in my office or put them in a card for friends on special occasions. 

I have had an instax camera before, so I knew polaroid would do something so thats what I went to find. I then discovered the new HP sprocket which is much better than what I was looking for.

Bluetooth connection, pocket size and under £99.

Sprocket comes in 2 colours black or white

It was a no brainer for me to pick up the white version it matched my iPhone.

You can print straight from social media platforms (instagram, Facebook or flickr) via the app or straight from your camera roll. 

Edit the image with filters or doodle then when your ready press then print.

The only thing I would change about sprocket is that I wish the images were slightly bigger but they are big enough and are basically screen size 50 x 76mm. If I want bigger prints for frames I would need to order them online. 

Within a few seconds your print is in your hand, the back peels off if you wish and you can stick somewhere like a scrapbook. 

Loved my day out with my friend Caroline on Saturday, we went to Alnwick Gardens for winter walks. I am going to print a couple for my pin board. 

I think this is a perfect gift for christmas or even to treat yourself. 

I keep so many photos on my iPhone so its really nice to print a few and keep them handy. 

Love Miss K xx
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29 November 2016

North East | Wynyard Hall spa and gardens

Following on a previous post  from the Ramside, believe it or not in the same week I went with my friend Barbra to Wynyard Hall day spa.

I have only been on a couple of spa days in the last couple of years and I have always just thought they were too expensive and very much a treat for a special occasion, but i'm starting to change my mind.

Surprisingly this spa day cost less than £30 each and this included spa time, access to the walled gardens and lunch. 

Barbra made the reservation a couple of months in advance as we both booked some holiday from work, we were celebrating B's birthday. 

The mid-week spa offer is £20 per guest and you are able to use the spa facilities for 2 hours which includes use of the 2 outdoor jacuzzi hot tubs, deck chairs and benches with amazing views of the lake, plus use of the indoor thermal suite, salt inhalation room and the herbal sauna.  

You can also pay an additional £15 each if you want to try the rasul mud treatment or £18.50 per person for afternoon tea.

When we arrived, we were checked off by the welcome team and were shown to the orangery where we had to sign a health and safety disclaimer. Then we were provided with fluffy brown robes, white cloth flip flops and towels so we could go and get changed.

The atmosphere in the spa was scented in lavender and there was relaxing music played.

We were so lucky with the weather, crisp and bright.

To keep yourself hydrated, we were asked to help ourselves to flavoured waters in this central area which was surrounded by the different treatment rooms.

We took a look round all the facilities and then the hot tub on the main deck was free so we decided to start there. There were 6 other guests there using the facilities at the same time, but we rarely saw each other and we just took it in turns to use the different spots. 

This is a very different experience than the Ramside even though there are clearly similarities. But the result from both is that I came away feeling pampered and relaxed.

Wynyard feels exclusive as there isn't many people there at the same time, the view from the hot tub makes you feel like you have truly switched off as you only had birds for company.

Ramside's facilities are more grand as they are on a larger scale and it can accommodate more people, it too has an outside hot spa pool but this can fit up to 15+ at one time so no real escapism but fun all the same. I can see positives of each but this allows you to choose what kind of spa experience you are after.

The views from the jacuzzi really were amazing, and there was also relaxing music played outside which you could hear when the bubbles weren't on. 

We then ventured inside to try the thermal suites and my favourite was the sauna. I honestly felt like I was in the middle of nowhere when I looked out of the window.

The 2 hours went by pretty fast but we spent the last 30 minutes back out in the jacuzzi this really was the highlight. 

We had found a deal on itison.com and I had booked a voucher for entrance to the walled gardens and lunch for 2 including a hot drink so instead of opting for the Afternoon Tea at the spa, we headed up to the gardens to spend the rest of the afternoon.

We had much needed hot chocolates, then I opted for a quiche with salad and B had a yummy toasted cheese sandwich before heading out into the walled gardens. The gardens really reminded me of the rose garden at Alnwick and I can't wait to come back here in spring and summer as I am sure it would look beautiful in full bloom. 

We were so sad our day was over by the time 3.30pm came around, so we had 30 minutes before the cafe closed so we headed back inside to get warm and share some green tea and raspberry cake with some coffee and tea.

I think this is a very affordable way to have a taste of spa luxury. It is located half way between Durham and Middlesborough so it wouldn't be far to travel from both. The facilities are of a high standard and the service provided in both the spa and cafe / gardens was perfect.

I would certainly recommend trying out the mid week spa option or you can also view other packages available.

Location - Wynyard Hall, Teesvalley TS22 5NF

Love Miss K xx
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27 November 2016

How to Hygge

Everyone is talking about Hygge (pronouced Hoo-guh) ... so what is it all about?

Hygge is a danish way to describe a feeling where it is all about comfort, feeling relaxed and happy. 

Like a hug without touching.

Here are 10 ways you can start living well - 

1. Atmosphere - candles
2. Offline - no phones
3. Nice food
4. Alone time or share equally
5. Be grateful
6. Don't brag
7. Get comfy
8. No arguing
9. Share memories and reflect on good times
10. Your home

You might find Hygge in a local coffee shop, or spending time doing something you enjoy like riding your bike or going on a spa day. But the most common way is trying to do this in your own home. 

By creating a cosy atmosphere with faux fur and candles, wearing warm and comfy clothes and eating comforting food with your favourite people are all ways to fulfilling this feeling.

I picked up a book called 'The little book of Hygge' by Meik Wiking last week and thought, I wanted to try this out. 

According to Meik's book, candles are essential and 51% of danes light a candle 6 or more days a week and 31% light more than 5 candles at one time. 

On Saturday I was catching up with my bestie Natalie and we decided to try it out, and as we had been to the Manchester Christmas Market during the day and it was pretty cold out there so the feeling of Hygge sounded very attractive.

Natalie and I used to live together at University so to remember the good times, we bought matching Pj's while we were at the shops plus some snuggle socks and chocolate. Recipe for a great evening!

The fire was on and candles, we put on our pjs and put the faux fur throw down on the floor for extra cosiness and started to chill out. We then carried on our evening by having nice warm soup and then... a little platter of fruit and marshmallows to have with our melted chocolate. Perfection!

Nat and I will be talking about how hyggelig our evening was for a while yet. 

So much fun!

Love Miss K xx
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23 November 2016

North East | Twilight spa experience - Ramside Hall Hotel and Spa, Durham

Last week I was lucky enough to go to 2 spa's in County Durham. 2 very different experiences but both equally luxurious and relaxing. On Thursday, I went to the Ramside hotel approx 5 mins drive from Durham City centre for a Twilight Spa 'catch up' evening.

This costs from £55 per person (£10 extra Fri-Sun) and is from 5.30pm which includes 2 course evening meal at the spa's Thai Fusion restaurant and then use of the amazing facilities until 9.30pm. This is just one of the experiences offered by the spa at different times and prices.

As a guest of the spa for the evening, I was fortunate to be given this experience as a gift and was provided with a full tour of the newly built £8million development including treatment rooms, nail bar and 5 pools. 

After the tour we were treated to a thai buffet where we were able to taste some of the options on the menu followed by use of the facilities. I had no idea what to expect as I had been to the hotel for events but not had the opportunity to visit the spa before. I was blown away by the vast choice of ways to relax during my evening, it has certainly opened by eyes that I should be indulging like this on a more regular basis especially with this on my doorstep.

The facilities are split into different areas - 
Fitness suite
Treatment rooms
Wet Spa which includes 2 outside heated pools
Thermal suite
Thai Fusion Restaurant - (We did eat before the spa but I will pop this to the end of the post).

Firstly we visited the Fitness suite which is the extensive gym offering with scheduled gym classes and optional personal training.

This then led to Treatment Rooms including a fabulous Nail Bar, Well polished. This area was quiet and tranquil to make sure the customers having treatments were given the best possible experience.

The luxurious Nail Bar with crushed velvet chairs and cushions with sinks for soaking tired paws was my favourite part on the tour. 

It would be amazing as a hen party location for a pamper following onto the chill out room with comfy seating and hanging chair, which looked out onto the outdoor heated infinity pool...dreamy vibes.

We then made our way downstairs via another chill out zone to the Wet Spa and thermal suites. 

I had no idea the volume of pools available, 5 in total including the infinity pool upstairs. 

We were provided with robes, towels and flip flops to get ready and then dive into our twilight spa session.

Within the Thermal suites were a number of different rooms including a Herbal Sauna, Himalayan Salt Steam, Aroma Steam, Tepidarium, Sunken Sauna and Drench Showers.

5 pools - including a full size 25 metre swimming pool plus bubble pool (jacuzzi), large Hydrotherapy pool with swan necks and massage jets (so relaxing and actually very high pressure so you could feel them working on your body, outdoor vitality pool in the Spa Herb Garden plus the newly reopened balcony infinity pool, which is only available for private hire or signature spa day experiences, so make sure you do ask if this is included in your booking to avoid disappointment. 

You can read more about the facilities here

My dates for the evening Laura & Kayleigh
Thank you Kayleigh for letting me use this picture 

As I mentioned we did eat before our spa session but I thought it made sense to pop this at the end. The Thai Fusion Restaurant was simply delicious, I have been here before with my friend for an evening meal and I cannot fault it. I love Thai food and the selection on offer and setting really is lovely. 

Thai restaurants are hard to find and I can highly recommend the food at Fusion especially the Satay Chicken, Duck Spring Rolls and Phad Thai. 

I also absolutely love the table covered with a tree in blossom - I would love to book this table for a special occasion, I was advised this is possible and would be suitable for more than 5 people.

I will certainly be booking to go back to the spa in the new year. My friend Natalie and I have our eye on the afternoon tea experience to beat the January blues.

Massive thank you to Ramside Spa and Sorted PR for organising this event and my invite as I would not have realised the amazing facilities on offer without this.  

I am more than sure there will be an experience to fit your budget and time available and you will come away fully revitalised.

View the full list of experience available here

There is some amazing winter offers on at the moment including one with 1 nights stay and use of the facilities including a meal at Fusion, so please enquire if you are looking for somewhere to escape and unwind after the xmas craziness,  or even buy it as a gift for a loved one. 

Location - Ramside Hall, Carrville, Durham DH1 1TD

Website - Ramside Hall Hotel 

Love Miss K xx
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Disclaimer - This was a gifted spa experience from the hotel, all opinions are my own.
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